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    Twin girls with siblings

    My boys names are Jack, William (called Liam for the most part), and Henry. With twin girls i am not sure what direction to go in. i love classic simple names especially with boys but i think with girls i am tending towards more flowery feminine names. Alot of the names i was initally looking at seem to have become much to popular for my taste, as i have found with my boys names. Anyways please let me know what you think of these match ups.

    Georgianna and Cecilila
    Elizabeth and Catherine (but these names while lovely seem pretty common)
    Leila and Caroline
    Sarah (Sadie) and Charlotte
    Dorothea (Thea) and Lillian (Lily)
    Julia (Jules) and Ava

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    Re: Twin girls with siblings

    So many gorgeous names! :-)

    Georgianna and Cecilila: Two gorgeous, feminine, and elegant names. I think they flow perfectly together, and I love the nickname options of Georgia, Georgia, Anna, Georgie, Celia, CC, etc.

    Elizabeth and Catherine (but these names while lovely seem pretty common): I adore Elizabeth and Catherine. These names are classics for a reason, and they're perfect together.

    Leila and Caroline: I love Caroline, but prefer Lila to Leila.

    Sarah (Sadie) and Charlotte: I LOVE Charlotte (It would go beautifully with Caroline), and Sadie is a darling Sarah nickname. I grew up with a Sarah/Sadie, and she loved being a Sadie!

    Dorothea (Thea) and Lillian (Lily): These names go beautifully together, but I'm not a fan of either. (I love the nicknames, though!)

    Julia (Jules) and Ava: I LOVE Julia (and Juliet), and while I think Ava's very pretty, it's also VERY popular, something you said you wanted to avoid. What about Eva, Eve, Evangeline, Genevieve, or Evelyn instead of Ava?

    Of the above combos, I'm voting for Georgianna and Cecilia, with Charlotte and Sarah in second place.

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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