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Thread: TV Shows!

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    Re: TV Shows!

    That 70's Show
    I like the name Eric
    I like Fez, too
    and Red and Kitty
    Donna changes to Valerie
    Michael changes to Bruce
    Jackie changes to, hmmm, she can stay Jackie
    Stephen changes to Mr. Cutie Pie of the Ages!

    Life on Mars
    The main guy on this show is really cute. I don't know what his name is but I will name him Oliver.
    The blonde woman can be Lily.

    Top Chef Season 2
    C.J. was so cute. I will name him Henry.

    Law and Order
    Jack when he was younger was extremely cute. I will name him Jack because it fits him!

    Law and Order C.I.
    Bobby isn't very handsome but he is fascinating! I will name him Broken Neck because he always bends over and extends his neck. In fact, I call that show "Broken Neck".
    His assistant (I forget her name) - Her name can be Marin. Sounds so smart.

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    Re: TV Shows!

    Quote Originally Posted by jill
    Family Ties

    Alexander P.: He can stay. Alexander Paul Keaton
    Mallory: Miranda Scarlett Keaton
    Jennifer: Julia Catherine Keaton (and she hates the double "kuh" ending) :-)
    Andrew: He can stay. Andrew Oliver Keaton

    You forgot mom Elise! She can stay Elise... Elise Soleil Keaton
    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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    Re: TV Shows!

    Have you ever watched a TV show and thought to yourself, "Who in the world comes up with these names?" Well, here's your chance to right some wrongs. :-)

    I'll list names from some shows, and you'll:
    1. Choose your favorite name
    2. Update the character's names to your liking (initials must stay the same). If you love the original name, it can stay. :-)
    3. Give them middle names
    4. Choose your overall favorite of the original and updated names

    Brady Bunch

    Marcia: Moriah Catherine Brady
    Jan: Jezebel Marie Brady
    Cindy (Cynthia): Clementine Louisa Brady

    Greg: Gage Simon Brady
    Peter: He can stay. Phillip Joseph Brady
    Bobby (Robert): Ramone Stephen Brady

    Favorite original name: Cynthia
    Favorite overall name: Clementine Louisa

    Full House

    Donna Jo: Darcy Jennifer Tanner
    Stephanie Judith: Sylvia Janis Tanner
    Michelle Elizabeth: Margaux Evelyn Tanner

    Favorite original name: Stephanie Judith
    Favorite overall name: Sylvia Janis

    Family Ties

    Alexander P.: Andreas phillip Keaton
    Mallory: Marina wren Keaton
    Jennifer: Janis Grace Keaton
    Andrew: August Leon Keaton

    Favorite original name: Mallory
    Favorite overall name: Janis Grace

    7th Heaven
    (I wear my inner-dorkiness like a badge of honor, and proudly watch this show!) :-)


    Matthew: He can stay. Matthew Jon Camden
    Mary: Mary can stay. Mary Jane Camden
    Lucy: Lucy can stay. Lucy Louise Camden
    Simon: Simon can stay. Simon Cole Camden
    Ruthie (Ruth): Ruthie Grace Camden
    Samuel: Sammy Joshua
    David: David Joseph

    Favorite original name: David
    Favorite overall name: Lucy Louise

    If you have other shows/characters you'd like to use, add them! :-)

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