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Thread: Pick of the Day

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    Re: Pick of the Day

    I absolutely love Delilah! I have zero association with Samson and Delilah, so that doesn't bother me. She's so very pretty. Also, the Plain White Ts were my favorite band for years before "Hey There, Delilah" came out, so I kind of dig that connection.
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    Re: Pick of the Day

    Delilah's not for me. 17 years of Catholicism does that. Blech.

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    Re: Pick of the Day

    I'll pass on Delilah, too. The only time I ever heard it was in relation to Samson, so Delilah's reputation is still in need of rehabilition for me.

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    Re: Pick of the Day

    Eh. Don't like Delilah

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    Re: Pick of the Day

    Silas!!!! Woo Hoo! This is my all-time favorite boys name of the moment. I have pictured my own little baby Silas a million times. Yes, my fam hates it. Don't care. :P

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