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    Favorite Sibling Sets

    What are some of your favorite sibling sets you've ever heard? Are they from a book, movie, etc. or did you personally know them?

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    Re: Favorite Sibling Sets

    Charlotte and Nicholas (know them...)
    Laura, Mary, Caroline, Grace (Little House) :-)
    Laura and Elizabeth (know them...)
    Warner, Micah, and Colin (know them...)
    Caroline, Catherine, Sarah (know them)
    Josephine and Fiona (know them...)
    Scarlett and Sasha (know them...)
    Elinor, Phoebe, and Alasdair (know them)
    Madeleine and Kate (know them...)
    Elinor and Edward (know them...)

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    Re: Favorite Sibling Sets

    Mary, Laura, Caroline (Carrie), Grace -- I love the Little House combination too!
    Also like Margaret, Josephine, Elizabeth, and Amy from Little Women.

    I've always dreamed of naming four girls myself...

    Viktor and Sylvia -- know them

    Unfortunately I grew up in a part of the USA where Jennifers, Jessicas, and Jasons ruled, and now apostrophes, hyphens, and "creative" spellings litter the new generation's names. Yuck. So I don't know too many good sibling groups.

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    Re: Favorite Sibling Sets

    A friend of mine has Audra, Elise, and baby Owen. All unique but still classic, all vowels, and she purposely did them in descending order in the alphabet. I think they are a great set!

    I also love:
    My cousin's choices Maya and Isaak
    Another cousin's Garrett and Leah
    Another cousin's Madeline and Olivia
    Another's (I have a huge family) Shae and Nils

    German neighbors: Hans, Gretchen, and Carl. Their cousins are Max, Hans, and Gus (also neighbors).

    And our super scandinavian neighbors: Jens, Sonja, Lars, and Thor
    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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    Re: Favorite Sibling Sets

    Cecilia Marie, Teresa Anne, Patricia Lynn (my mom and her sisters, and they all have cute nicknames: Cece, Terri, Patti)

    Mary, Therese, Bonnie, Lux and Cecilia (from The Virgin Suicides - novel/movie)

    Hazel, Lily, Pearlie, Alma, Bootsie, and Sara (my great grandmother and her sisters)

    Marie-Therese Charlotte and Sophie-Helene Beatrix - (Marie Antoinette's daughters)

    (TWINS) Barry Glenn, III "Beau" and Mary Banks "Banks" (friends' children)

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    Re: Favorite Sibling Sets

    Gabriel and Flora (know them)
    Anna and Caroline (know them)
    Aleksandra and Katerina (know them)
    I like the P and P girls- Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, and Lydia :)
    Emily, Joshua, and Ezekiel (know them, too!)

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    Re: Favorite Sibling Sets

    kayleb and ryland (know them)

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    Re: Favorite Sibling Sets

    Elton, Maude, Eva, Wallace, Lucille and Ruby (my grandmother's siblings!)

    Stella & Wyatt (my bff's kids)

    Ford, Lila & Ryder (former students, two brothers & a sister)

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    Re: Favorite Sibling Sets

    I read about an actor (I think he's a soap star) with Esme, Ruby, Lily, and Finnian (I think I have that right!).

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    Re: Favorite Sibling Sets

    Finlay, Rafferty, Iris and Rudy (jude Law and Sadie Frost)
    Thom, James, Alexander (i know them)
    Jack, Lucy, Tess (i know them)
    I too love P&P's Jane, Elisabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia
    Dashiell, Roman, Ignatious (Cate Blanchett)

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