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Thread: 10 kids Quiz

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    10 kids Quiz

    Girl #1
    First Name. Pretend you're getting married, tomorrow. What would your wedding color be?

    Purple or Pink - Daphne
    Blue - Thea
    Yellow or Orange - Margot
    Red - Juno
    Green -Sylvia

    Middle Name. What flowers would you carry?

    Red Roses - Juliet
    Calla Lily - Penelope
    Pink Carnation - Calliope
    Gerber Daisy - Helena
    Tulips - Elena

    Girl #2
    First Name. Pretend you're having a baby girl. How would you describe the name you would pick for her today?

    Sassy - Gemma
    Girly - Lilla
    Edgy - Moira
    Elegant - Viola
    Vintage - Flora

    Her middle name would be...

    Fun and unexpected - Lark
    Simple and traditional - Clare
    Family Name - June
    Personally Significant - Belle
    After a famous or fictional person - Rose

    Pretend you're having a baby boy. How would you describe the name you would pick for him today?

    Strong - Ezra
    Distinguished - Judah
    Traditional - Theo
    Edgy - Viggo
    Soft - Jonah

    His middle name would be...

    Fun and unexpected - Bram
    Simple and traditional - Seth
    Family Name - Beau
    Personally Significant - Clive
    After a famous or fictional person - Luke

    Boy #2
    First name. Describe your Dream House:

    Huge Old House - Samson
    Small and Cozy - Edmond
    Fixer Upper - August
    Brand New with all the fixings - Dashiell
    Loft - Maxwell

    Middle name: Where is your Dream House?

    Big City - Julius
    Little City - Oliver
    Country - Tobias
    Small Town - Julian
    Suburbia - Matthias

    Girl #3
    First name. What are you most likely to be found wearing?

    Skinny Jeans and Heels: Magdalen
    Dress or skirt: Magnolia
    Layers, layers, layers. You've got at least three tops and probably a scarf and a long necklace: Marigold
    Straight fitting pants with a form fitting top, probably in black or white: Mae
    Business casual. Your closet is full of pencil skirts, tailored pants, and button-down shirts: Matilda

    Middle Name. How are you most likely to wear your hair:

    Up-do: Celeste
    waves and curls: Lucille
    long and straight: Noelle
    ponytail: Marie
    short: Louise

    Boy #3
    First Name. What type of Book are you most likely to enjoy?

    non-fiction: Reed
    teen dystopia: Titus
    romance: Abram
    a classic, something you've probably already read twice: Charles
    something new and thought provoking: Isaac

    Middle name. What type of Movie are you most likely to enjoy?

    Romantic: Nathaniel
    Scary: Lazarus
    Funny: Barnabas
    Intense: Lemuel
    Something based on a book: Frederick

    Boy #4
    First name. Describe your Dream Job:

    Staying at home and raising children: Linus
    Anything with travel: Luca
    Working with people (think teachers, social workers, doctors...): Levi
    Something Artsy: Leon
    Intellectual, not with people (think labs, research, computers...): Lionel

    Middle name: Its Dinner Time! What are you most likely to do?

    Take Out: Elliott
    Restaurant: Percival
    Make something delicious from scratch: Benjamin
    make a quick no-fuss stand-by like mac and cheese: Christopher
    try something new: Benedict

    Girl #4
    First name. Take your Dream Vacation:

    sight seeing: Caroline
    fun in the sun: Lucinda
    cozy Bed and Breakfast: Beatrice
    Something physical and athletic like hiking or skiing: Cornelia
    Doing something productive like building houses, mission work, helping the poor: Theresa

    Middle name. Choose your favorite method of Relaxation:

    read a book: Isabelle
    bubble bath: Elisabeth
    glass of wine: Seraphine
    exercise: Genevieve
    talk with a friend: Marianne

    Girl #5
    First Name. Your favorite old Hollywood Beauty Icon:

    marilyn monroe: Eloise
    audrey hepburn: Eleanor
    elizabeth taylor: Eliza
    bridget bardot: Eliora
    grace kelly: Elaine

    Middle name. Your favorite Modern Day Beauty Icon:

    Blake Lively: Bea
    Jennifer Anniston: Kay
    Emma Watson: Gray
    Duchess Catherine: Kate
    Marion Cotillard: Jane

    Boy #5
    First name. Your Favorite Old Movie Star:

    Humphrey Bogart: Malcolm
    Bing Crosby: Callum
    Cary Grant: Cedric
    Gregory Peck: Calvin
    Jimmy Stewart: Calix

    Middle Name: Your Favorite Modern Movie Star:

    Matt Damon: Rex
    Ryan Reynolds: Mark
    Ewan McGregor: Kai
    Brad Pitt: John
    George Clooney: George

    If you feel like it, which of your combos do you Like, Love and Hate?

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    Always on the hunt for something fresh, here's my top twenty four:
    Annabelle Eulalie Estelle Helena Lorna Lucille Maeve Nina Noelle Romilly Simona Wilhelmina
    Francis Frederick George Henry Jonah Magnus Phillip Sidney Stanley Vincent Walter Wilfred

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    Girl 1: yellow/calla lily: Margot Penelope
    Girl 2: girly/fun: Lilla Lark
    Boy 3: strong/fun: Ezra Bram
    Boy 4: fixer/little city: August Oliver
    Girl 5: black&white/long&straight: Mae Noelle (bleh)
    Boy 6: nonfiction/scary: Reed Lazarus
    Boy 7: intellectual/make something: Lionel Benjamin (nms at all)
    Girl 8: sight seeing/read: Caroline Isobel
    Girl 9: Elizabeth Taylor/Emma Watson Eliza Gray
    Boy 10: jimmy Stewart/brad Pitt: Calix John

    Only names I like are Lilla Lark and Eliza Gray

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    “The kindest words my father said to me
    Women like you drown oceans.”

    ~ Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

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