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    Opaline, Edie and Adelaide

    My husband and I still cannot agree on a name (we're the Birdie name lovers...that one was not the hit of the party I must say :). We found it so easy to name our daughter Beatrice and are now having a VERY hard time finding another classic name that goes with our last name Green. I love(d) Olive and Imogene, but alas, they sound terrible with Green as a last name. Here are a few we've been kicking around:

    Opal/Opaline (she's due in October)
    Vivianne (did Angelina Jolie ruin it for all of us though?)

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Opaline, Edie and Adelaide

    Beatrice Green

    Adelaide-- While I think this works well with your last name, it's just not a name I get excited about.
    Anouk-- Doesn't quite go with Beatrice, but I do like it.
    Edith/Edie-- Edie Green is just too many long e's for me.
    Elodie-- Beatrice & Elodie: gorgeous!
    Esme-- Beatrice & Esme: also gorgeous!
    Opal/Opaline : Beatrice & Opal are a fantastic pair! (I prefer Opal to Opaline.)
    Cornelia: All I hear is the "corn" part. :(
    Vivianne: I don't know if Angie ruined it, but va-va-voom Vivi really overpowers Beatrice, who feels a bit prissy in a side-by-side comparison.

    Overall I really like your list. Best of luck and congrats!

    Any suggestions?[/quote]

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    Re: Opaline, Edie and Adelaide

    Adelaide Green- i like this and think it's great with Beatrice. But be aware that the nickname Addie is getting more and more common.
    Anouk Green- doesn't work with Beatrice
    Edith/Edie Green- love Edith with Beatrice. I actually think Edie Green sounds super cute.
    Elodie Green- beautiful name, it doesn't fit, to me.
    Esme Green- don't really like this
    Opal/Opaline Green(she's due in October)- love Opal! I like Opaline too, but prefer the classic Opal. I think Opal is great with Beatrice, too. Oh, also, Opaline Green sounds a little funny.
    Cornelia Green- I like Cornelia a lot. The nickname Nell/Nelly would be cute, too. Nelly Green sounds good to me.
    Vivianne Green- I don't think Angelina ruined it, but it's not my favorite of your choices.

    My favorite might be Cornelia, it has a cute nickname, sounds fab with your last name, and is great with Beatrice. Actually, yes, Cornelia is by far my favorite, not that I think about it. Second is Edith. Third is Opal, I really adore Opal but I think Cornelia and Edith work better with your last name.
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    Re: Opaline, Edie and Adelaide

    Hi there! I'm so sorry you're having such a difficult time naming Beatrice's sister. Nameberry to the rescue! :-)

    Adelaide: Like Melissa, Adelaide doesn't do much for me, but that's just me. What bothers me the most about the name, is that when people hear "Addie," they'll think her name is Addison.

    Anouk: Cool name, but it doesn't really go with Beatrice.

    Edith: Agree with Melissa...

    Edie: Edie's darling, but I prefer it as a nickname...

    Elodie: I LOVE Elodie, and think Elodie and Beatrice are a wonderful set! :-) (What was your other thread called? I want to see what names have been suggested already!)

    Esme: LOVE Esme! Esme means loved one, which I think is lovely. So sweet and elegant at the same time.

    Opal/Opaline (she's due in October): I'd stay away from Opaline, in case people pronounce it opal-een (which will happen), as Opal-een Green rhymes.

    Cornelia: I prefer Cordelia (and Cora), but Cornelia definitely works!

    Vivianne (did Angelina Jolie ruin it for all of us though?): I've always loved Vivienne, and I honestly don't consider Vivienne a star-sanctioned name.

    From your list, Elodie (you could always stretch out on a limb and call her Edie) and Esme are my favorites, both with Beatrice and with Green.

    Esme Vivienne is stunning!

    Esme Vivienne
    Esme Annabelle/Annabel
    Esme Amelia
    Esme Aurora
    Esme Astrid
    Esme Charlotte
    Esme Celeste
    Esme Catherine
    Esme Diana
    Esme Francesca
    Esme Genevieve (Ooops! No G middle initial, as she'll be EGG!)
    Esme Isabelle
    Esme Juliet
    Esme Katharine
    Esme Louisa
    Esme Rosalie
    Esme Rosalind
    Esme Theodora
    Esme Vivienne (so nice, I'm listing it twice!)

    Elodie Catherine
    Elodie Charlotte
    Elodie Caroline
    Elodie Frances
    Elodie Juliet
    Elodie Julia
    Elodie Katharine
    Elodie Marielle
    Elodie Miranda
    Elodie Mabel
    Elodie Mirabel
    Elodie Rosalind
    Elodie Simone
    Elodie Tamsin
    Elodie Vivienne

    Beatrice and Amelia
    Beatrice and Anna
    Beatrice and Annabel
    Beatrice and Catherine
    Beatrice and Cora
    Beatrice and Cecilia
    Beatrice and Celia
    Beatrice and Charlotte
    Beatrice and Diana
    Beatrice and Eleanor
    Beatrice and Eva
    Beatrice and Frances
    Beatrice and Felicity
    Beatice and Genevieve
    Beatrice and Georgia
    Beatrice and Helen
    Beatrice and Juliet
    Beatrice and Katharine
    Beatrice and Louisa
    Beatrice and Lucy
    Beatrice and Laura
    Beatrice and Mabel
    Beatrice and Rosalie
    Beatrice and Rosalind
    Beatrice and Simone
    Beatrice and Willa

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Opaline, Edie and Adelaide

    Well, I am never quite as in depth as Jill is but here are my thoughts:

    Adelaide - Pretty but placenamey. Would you consider Adeline? She feels a lot sweeter and to me, meshes better with Beatrice without overshadowing her. And Adeline Green works better for me too. OF course, this is all just my thinking! :)

    Anouk - Gorgeous but a bit odd with Beatrice. (Now if Beatrice were Beatrix, I'd say Anouk was a good match) It's a weird feel next to Beatrice for me. I like it but not here. And it's really abrupt with your surname.

    Edith/Edie - these two belong together, to me. These would be perfect as a sister for Beatrice. Really beautiful and feels sprightly paired with your surname.

    Elodie - Now this is stunning! Beatrice & Elodie make darling sisters without being matchy, sing songy or too similar. This would be my number one pick for a sister to Beatrice! Works nicely with your surname too.

    Esme - This is really nice, elegant & simple and would work beautifully with your surname. This would probably be my #3 name, if this was my list.

    Opal/Opaline - Opal's gorgeous, but is a bit too descriptive with your surname. Maybe as a middle? It would be beautiful paired with Adeline, Elodie , Edith or Cornelia, I think. As Eveyone else has pointed out Opaline Green rhymes and Opaline made me think Ovaltine right away, a fact the third graders probably will notice too. Opal's sweet though.

    Cornelia - I'm a sucker for Cornelia! I adore it but can't get my other half on board, so I'm out of luck. But it's awesome with your surname, has a pretty nickname option or two (Cora, Nellie or Ellie) and would be beautiful next to Beatrice. Cornelia Opal Green? Stunning!

    Vivianne - no brangelina didn't ruin it, but Vivianne is really sexy next to Beatrice. I'd leave it off. (and I prefer it with the 'e': Vivienne or Vivien. Vivian looks really butchy to me. Sorry.

    So you have a few really lovely options, whichevr one you chose will be perfect, I'm sure. :D

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    Re: Opaline, Edie and Adelaide

    Thanks for all of the suggestions!

    I am liking Cordelia now, Frances (forgot about this one) and Adeline instead of Adelaide (but I see your point Jill, I don't like the name Addison so that would be a confusion factor). And truly, I am still mostly attached to Opal and Edie/Edith. I love Eleanor or Elinor (from Sense and Sensibility, my fave book) and am trying to convince my husband of that one. Thanks again for your help!

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    Re: Opaline, Edie and Adelaide

    Jill, I forgot to include my previous post was the one titled 'Birdie' in this section.

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    Re: Opaline, Edie and Adelaide

    If you love Opal or Edith, go for it. I thought of Opal (instead of Opaline), but reconsidered after reminding myself that your last name, Green, is a color. (I had suggested Violet and Scarlett for middle names, but deleted them!) :-) The bottom line, is that if you love it, you should use it!

    I love Cordelia (nn Cora) with Beatrice, by the way, and Cordelia Frances is lovely. :-)

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    Re: Opaline, Edie and Adelaide

    I LOVE Elodie!!!

    Another variant on Adelaide would be Adelle if you like that for a full name. Could still be nn Addie if you wanted.

    I also love Vivianne and Vivienne both, and I didn't even think about the famous link when I saw it in your post.

    I agree with the other posters who prefer Opal over Opaline.
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    Re: Opaline, Edie and Adelaide

    I really love Elodie and Vivienne. Both are beautiful, unique, feminine and have a lot of personality. I think Elodie is my favorite!

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