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    Re: What's going on here?

    I think Jill was just trying to say that teen pregnancy doesn't need to be advertised...

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    Re: What's going on here?

    While I agree with what Jill is saying she somewhat contradicted herself saying that the creators are shying people away from the norm names and getting people into more stylish names. Isn't been pregnancy the more stylish and upcoming, popular thing now-a-days? (Also my name is Jennifer and I think my name is just fine.)

    While the teen pregnancies posts upset me, what really upsets me the most is people who post games that involved inappropriate adoptions. I've read one game where you adopt an older child to help with the younger ones. Really? So you adopting a slave child? That game was absolutely repulsive. Also in every game where you adopt you have to choose a country and name your child with a name from that country. What is wrong with adopting from the US (or form your home country)?

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    This is usually the reason I have to take a break from Nameberry.

    NOT because of the rude, ignorant, or childish behavior but the SELF-RIGHTEOUS, SENSITIVE, & INTOLERANT behavior of supposed GROWN UPS that can't handle others views, however immature or distasteful to YOU they may be, without attempting to isolate, shame, and ban those with different views. Those who only want to post and read about opinions that fit into their own little BUBBLE of what is acceptable (including what is 'intelligent, classy, or tranquil')

    I completely agree with namelover12. Free speech and opinion should not be policed - no one is being bullied, attacked, or harassed. There isn't a crazy white supremacist thread writing about Lord knows what or a user trying to start a pyramid scheme.

    If dont enjoy a thread, click your back button. Trying to censor the internet in this way is the opposite of inclusion.
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