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    What's going on here?

    Nameberry is not like other name forums. Nameberry has class, style, intelligence, and maturity. During the past few days, this site has been overtaken by appallingly rude and confontational posts, and disgusting name games which glorify teen pregnancy (with one teen getting knocked up at a party) and teen marriage.

    In additon to this, newer members have been playing games without first reading the extremely easy to comprehend rules. Not only is this lazy, but it ruins the games for other people.

    Such posts may be commonplace on other name sites, but they are not appropriate for nameberry.

    Nameberry is the brainchild of Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, two gifted authors and internationally recognized name experts who have written books dedicated to guiding people away from trendy, overused names, and towards stylish ones. They have created an intelligent and sophistacted site, and such immature posts are in direct contrast to everything for which Nameberry stands.

    Whereas many name sites and books simply provide you with meanings and origins of names, Pam and Linda's books and site are unique, in that they advocate honesty when it comes to style. (One of their books is titled, "Beyond Jennifer and Jason, Madison and Montana." You need to pick the name that's right for you, but it's always a good idea to look around and notice a site's prevailing style before posting.

    Nameberry has always been an intelligent, classy, and tranquil site, and these new posts and behaviors are disgusting. Grow up.

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    This is usually the reason I have to take a break from Nameberry.

    NOT because of the rude, ignorant, or childish behavior but the SELF-RIGHTEOUS, SENSITIVE, & INTOLERANT behavior of supposed GROWN UPS that can't handle others views, however immature or distasteful to YOU they may be, without attempting to isolate, shame, and ban those with different views. Those who only want to post and read about opinions that fit into their own little BUBBLE of what is acceptable (including what is 'intelligent, classy, or tranquil')

    I completely agree with namelover12. Free speech and opinion should not be policed - no one is being bullied, attacked, or harassed. There isn't a crazy white supremacist thread writing about Lord knows what or a user trying to start a pyramid scheme.

    If dont enjoy a thread, click your back button. Trying to censor the internet in this way is the opposite of inclusion.
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