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    Re: Contains...

    I just was reminded of this again. I hear there are changes being made, and I hope the search function becomes more thorough. I would love to find names containing strings of letters or look for several "sounds" that might be spelled differently at once.

    It might also be cool if you could list some of the letters you like, and a list of names containing all or some in descending order of relevance to the query. Say if I wanted it to start with A, containing as many of the following letters: X, V, M, L, S, and it would pull up names for me to try out - names like Alexis, Amaryllis, etc. would show up, and so many more! -- I think if you have your initials and your partner has his, then you might try to find a name that contained those letters, it would be fun to see what nameberry search comes up with. The forums are great, but you don't necessarily stretch the bounds of what is possible when people are thinking of names they already have in mind to suggest. Some posters have spectacular recall for names and references they can call upon (I don't happen to have this gift), but some people are shy and don't want to interact, while sometimes, the perfect name escapes everyone because it's buried in the database and no one can find it with their specific criteria.

    I could think of so many ways it would be fun to look up names, to get the most names from the database, and I am using other search engines on other sites (not necessarily naming sites; ordinary search engines of various types) as to what is possible and would improve access to all the names here. Right now it is hard if you have a nickname first, for example, and trying to expand into names that might have that string of letters in the middle or various spellings at the beginning or end, so you have to do multiple searches.

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    Re: Contains...

    I ditto this. I've been to another name site where I can search for a string of letters even if they are in the middle of a name.
    "Name contains this string of letters: " - "example: 'ron' would return names such as Ronald, Veronica, and Aaron. "
    This comes in really handy if your looking for a particular nickname.

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    Re: Contains...

    Totally agree. There needs to be a "this letter sequence" field in addition to the "starts with" and "ends with" fields.

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