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    You are 24 and your husband is 25. You want to start a family! You go to the docter because one day you feel queezy. He tells you that you are pregnant with a baby boy! Your hubby wants a J name. What do you name him?
    My answer:
    Jacoby Boyd

    When your baby boy is 3 you decide to try for more. You get a baby girl! She has Blonde hair and your hubby wants to have it start with a E. What do you name her?
    My answer:
    Everly Marie

    When your baby boy is 5 and your baby girl is 2, you go to Hawaii. Four days into your vacation you feel sick. You lie down in your hotel room all day while your Hubby plays with the kids at the white sand beaches. You run out to get pregnancy tests and you take one. Your pregnant! You run down to the beach to tell your husband. He is estatic. 8 months later you give birth to twins! One boy and one girl. What do you name them?
    My answer:
    Presley Imogen
    Slater Maloney

    You are a family of six now. Your husband gets a job and you move a town over. Your boy is 8, your girl is 5, and your twins are 3. Your husband wants to have a other one but your not to sure. You feel different about it. She trys and goes to the docter. You drop you mouth when you hear the news on quads! You get 2 girls and 2 boys! They have to all start with L.
    My answer.
    Lowri Marlow - g
    Lexus Bradley - g
    Lake Maddox - b
    Leaf Alexander - b
    - LittleMissGeek

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