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Thread: Create a Family

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    Re: Create a Family

    The wife is an artist, the husband works in wind energy. They live in an old, restored farmhouse in California.

    DH: John Benedict
    DW: Ocala Cecile
    DS/DD: Sebastian Enzo/Eva Spencer
    DD: Mary Johanna
    DS: Dirk Adriaen
    DS: Hans Theodore
    DD/DD: Beverly Ruth/Frida Renoir
    DS/DS/DS: Andreas Zlatyu/ Oscar Vincent/ Ignat Wenceslas

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    Re: Create a Family

    DH: JB
    DW: OC
    DS/DD: SE/ES
    DD: MJ
    DS: DA
    DS: HT
    DD/DD: BR/FR
    DS/DS/DS: AZ/ OV/ IW

    DH: John Bennett
    DW: Olivia Christine
    DS/DD: Sawyer Emmanuel/Elyse Summer
    DD: Michaela Jane
    DS: Deacon Anthony
    DS: Hunter Tobias
    DD/DD: Brianne Rochelle/Faith Rheannon
    DS/DS/DS: Aiden Zander, Oliver Vincent, Ian Walter

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    Re: Create a Family

    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Re: Create a Family

    Current Favorites (in no particular order)

    Girls: Susannah, Mahalia, Cassia, Tosca, Petra, Yael, Jerusha, Jewel, Rose, Dove, Kate, and Eve
    Boys: Gideon, Gabriel, Rafael, Dominic, Benedict, Abraham, Desmond, Theodore, Tobias, Jonathan, Mordecai, and Sebastian
    Guilty Pleasures: Aurelia, Cosima, Eowyn, Neytiri, Rukia / Remy, Gryffin, Sam, Eddard, and Judah

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    Re: Create a Family

    DH: Joshua Bennett
    DW: Ophelia Clare
    DS/DD: Sebastian Ellis / Esme Stéphanie
    DD: Madeline Jane
    DS: Dashiell Adam
    DS: Henry Theodore
    DD/DD: Bianca Rosalind / Friederikka Rain
    DS/DS/DS: Adrian Zachary / Oliver Victor / Isaac William

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