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    Okay, we are set on naming our baby Georgia. Or Georgiana? But Georgiana seems to have pronunciation issues. What do you think? Also I'm completely lost on middle name combos! I have so many! Please help me narrow it down!

    Georgia Lily Caroline
    Georgia Susanne Caroline/ Georgia Caroline Susanne
    Georgia May Caroline
    Geogia Caroline Beatrix/ Georgia Beatrix Caroline
    Georgia Emerald Caroline/ Georgia Caroline Emerald

    Well, those are my absolute favorites at this moment, I'd love to hear your favorites and also your thoughts on Georgiana. Thanks!

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    Re: Overwhelmed............

    Georgia Lily Caroline- very pretty
    Georgia Susanne Caroline/ Georgia Caroline Susanne- i think i prefer GCS
    Georgia May Caroline- i love Georgia May, but not sure Caroline sounds right with it, i much prefer Georgia Caroline May
    Geogia Caroline Beatrix/ Georgia Beatrix Caroline- i like GBC better, Beatrix is one of my favorite names, but there's something off about it here for me, i'm not sure what.
    Georgia Emerald Caroline/ Georgia Caroline Emerald- LOVE Georgia Caroline Emerald, gorgeous! I really dislike Georgia Emerald Caroline, though... it sounds too much like you're talking about an emerald from Georgia, to me.

    As for Georgiana, it is one of my favorites! I love the British pronunciation (George-ayna). I'm sure whichever pronunciation you prefer, people will get used to it.
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    Re: Overwhelmed............

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    Re: Overwhelmed............

    Thanks guys! Lindsay, like you, I prefer the British George-ayna. Though I'm actually warming up to the Gerorgie-on-uh pronunciation that I heard. I just don't want her to be George-anna. I also don't want to feel like I'm saying my own daughter's name wrong :( I like all my combos, but I don't really *love* any of them. Sigh, back to the drawing board..... Oh, and how's baby Dash doing? Dashiell is such a handsome name and I adore the nn Dash!

    Erinpurple, thanks for the suggestions. Weird, since I love Geogia and Georgiana, one would naturally think I loved Georgina, but sadly, that's not the case. I want to like her, I really do. I just can't. I don't know why. :(

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    Re: Overwhelmed............

    I second everything Lyndsay said, and absolutely LOVE Georgia! Of your combos (none of with which you said you're thrilled...) I vote for Georgia Lily Caroline.

    As for Georgiana, I've heard it pronounced three ways, which is why I stick with Georgia. There's Jor-JAY-nuh, Jor-jee-ann-uh, and joj-jee-on-uh. I knew a baby jor-jee-ann-uh, and that pretty much brainwashed me into pronouncing the name that way, although I think all of the pronunciations are lovely. :-)

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    Re: Overwhelmed............

    Jill- thanks. Sorry, I should have been more clear. The combos above are my favorites of the ones that we have considered. And while I like all of them, none of them feel like 'the' name, if you know what I mean. So I'm still open to suggestions, and thoughts on Georgia vs. Georgia. Thanks!

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    Re: Overwhelmed............

    Hi there. We need to help you find a name that's THE ONE! As for Georgia versus Georgiana, I love them both so much! If you love both of them, too, which is pretty clear, why not use Georgiana, which will give you Georgia as a nickname? You'll have the best of both worlds that way, and as she'll be called Georgia, Georgiana's pronunciation won't be as critical. With either Georgia or Georgiana, you've got a winner!

    Some more Georgia combos (not sure if you still want two middles, and am also not sure of names which will honor your loved ones):

    Georgia Beatrix
    Georgiana Beatrix
    Georgia Clementine
    Georgia Caroline
    Georgia Catherine
    Georgiana Charlotte
    Georgiana Blythe
    Georgiana Delphine
    Georgia Daphne
    Georgia Faith
    Georgia Frances
    Georgiana Grace
    Georgia Kate
    Georgiana Louise
    Georgiana Laurel
    Georgia May/Mae
    Georgiana Mae
    Georgia Rosaline
    Georgia Rosalie
    Georgia Scarlett (although it may be too Gone With The Wind...)
    Georgiana Scarlett
    Georgia Tess
    Georgia Violet

    I'm sure you've already thought of these, but I still hope this helped at least one itty bit! :-)

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    Re: Overwhelmed............

    My fave is Georgia May Caroline! Sounds so well designed. Names are perfectly weighted. Love nickname Georgie!
    The other choices are quite lovely, too!

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    Re: Overwhelmed............

    Are you set on three names versus two? I think Georgia May is classic and unique all at the same time and doesn't necessarily need anything else!
    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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    Re: Overwhelmed............

    Jill- Thank you so much! I really do appreciate all the time you put into your post! And as for honoring, I'm at the point where I'm just looking for a name my husband and I love, whether it honors or not.

    Susan- Thanks! Georgia May Caroline is lovely and it has nice rhythm, but it feels kind of plain to me now. :(

    Erin- Thank you! Yes, I'm completely set on two muddles because my three older children each have two, wouldn't want her to feel left out!

    I am now leaning towards Georgiana in full (thanks Jill!) What do you guys think of Georgiana Evelyn Beatrix?

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