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    A third name for Elise ... Maria

    I am about 32 weeks prego and I dont know what i am having yet. If we have a girl we want Elise, or Elisa and Maria as a middle name. Well i keep thinking that its too plain and there needs to be a name in the middle of em. Any sugestions?

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    Re: A third name for Elise ... Maria

    Elise and Maria are beautiful names! I honestly think the two names stand beautifully together, and that a third name isn't necessary (unless, of course, you prefer it that way, which is also lovely)! Elise Maria is lovely. I grew up with an Elisa (nn Leesie), and the pronunciation of her name was constantly butchered (el-liss-a was the most common error). I just wanted to give you a head's up! :-)

    If you're going to use three names, I suggest using Maria as a second name, as it flows better in the second spot than the third. Marie, on the other hand, would be lovely in the third spot.

    Anneliese/Annelise is also gorgeous, and I thought I'd suggest it to you.

    Elise Maria Camille
    Elise Maria Cecile
    Elise Maria Catherine
    Elise Maria Delphine
    Elise Maria Delfina
    Elise Maria Daphne
    Elise Diana Marie
    Elise Emmeline Marie
    Elise Maria Francesca
    Elise Maria Faith
    Elise Francesca Marie
    Elise Maria Grace
    Elise Gabrielle Marie
    Elise Genevieve Marie
    Elise Maria Hope
    Elise Maria Josephine
    Elise Josephine Marie
    Elise Maria Jacqueline
    Elise Jacqueline Marie
    Elise Maria Jane
    Elise Maria Juilet
    Elise Juliet Marie
    Elise Maria Kate
    Elise Maria Louise
    Elise Maria Laurel
    Elise Maria Mae
    Elise Maria Madeleine
    Elise Maria Noelle
    Elise Maria Rose
    Elise Maria Roseline
    Elise Maria Rosario
    Elise Maria Scarlett
    Elise Maria Simone
    Elise Maria Violet
    Elise Maria Vivienne

    (Elisa could be used for the above in place of Elise...)

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: A third name for Elise ... Maria

    I think Elise is GORGEOUS and definitely special enough to carry a more simple middle name like Maria without a 3rd name... but one other variant would be Elise Marie, a combo which has definitely been on my list!
    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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    Re: A third name for Elise ... Maria

    Elise Maria is so beautiful, I agree that it doesn't need any more - how pretty!

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    Re: A third name for Elise ... Maria

    thank you guys so much for your comments! I do like Elise Maria. Im glad i have all these great options to help me choose the right combo!

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    Re: A third name for Elise ... Maria

    Good luck, MyGabe! Keep us posted! :-)

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