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    Today's list reminded me that I've had my eye on Hugh for awhile. But it feels like more of a nickname to me. Beyond Hugo, what other names might use Hugh as a nn? Or does it feel like it can stand on its own to you?
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    Re: Hugh

    It says that Howell is a variation of Hugh, but Howell's pretty lupine to me! Even though it's a really short name, I really like Hugh. For me, it has a manly, sophisticated feel. I actually know a William Hugh, and always liked his middle name! :-) Personally, while I do think Hugh can stand alone, I'd use it as a middle name. Its sound is just so short, you know?

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    Re: Hugh

    I have to be honest, I like Hugo much better. Hugh is a whisp of a sigh-- in fact, it's the exact sound I make when I climb off the elliptical machine. :o

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    Re: Hugh

    Okay I am going to stick up for Hugh! I have never considered it but I think that is because I just didn't come across it... but now that you mention it, I am liking Hugh! It is strong, classic, worldly, uncommon today, and really just plain HANDSOME!
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    I think that Hugh is very nice, and can stand alone, however I like the longer names Henry, Howell, and Harrison as well. I think with it's length, Hugh would make sense both as a first, middle, or nickname. It's really up to you!
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    I love Hugh! Love its meaning and H names always sound handsome to me! Makes me think of a strong sports mad teen maturinging into a successful ambitious adult...though I think it fits in any walk of life. I have heard some people find it a little pretentious or perhaps hard to say but I still think it's great!

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