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    What do you think of these two girl's names?

    These are my current favorites:

    Remy Anne Marie
    Allison Krista Nicole

    Marie is my middle name, and Krista is the name of an important friend in my life.
    Btw, I'm not expecting, just collecting names

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    Re: What do you think of these two girl's names?

    Remy Anne Marie: Remy is cute, I love Anne, and Marie flows nicely. It's not my style, but it's a pretty name. Have you thought of Romy, Rory, Rosalie, or Romilly?

    Allison Krista Nicole: Allison is too dated for me (very late 1970s/early 1980s), as is Nicole. The name flows well, though! What about Noelle instead of Nicole, or Alice or Allegra instead of Allison?

    Of the two combos, I pick Remy Anne Marie. (Remy Annabelle Marie is cute, too!)

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    Re: What do you think of these two girl's names?

    Remy Anne Marie - well, Remy's my #2 name, for a boy! So I can't honestly say I like Remy on a girl. I would rather see Romilly, Rosemary or even better, Romy in it's place. Romy Anne Marie is really lovely!

    Allison Krista Nicole - I like Allison. (prefer the more streamlined Alison m
    yself), it's Krista that feels dated to me, but in the middle does no major harm, I think. Nicole is a filler middle, if it has additional meaning for you, then great, but if not, I'd take a look at some of Jill's ideas. Or try Niamh/Neve maybe. Sorry, N is probably my
    least favorite letter of the alphabet. I have so few favorites that start with N, so I can't suggest any replacements for Nicole otherwise. Maybe Susan will come to my rescue here!

    If I had to choose one for a daughter of mine, Alison Krista Noelle or Alison Krista Niamh would be my choice over Remy, for sure. Remy would hands down be for a boy of mine!

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    Re: What do you think of these two girl's names?

    My favorite girls' names that start with "N" are Natalie and Natalia. Natalie has been used a lot, but I just love it so much! Natalie sounds awful with my last name. Niamh in so interesting! I wouldn't choose it myself, but I would admire someone with that name. Personally, I think Nicole has been overused. I loved it in high school - wasn't Nicole on some bus with the Beatles - "No, you're not," said little Nicole. Noelle is not my style, but it has a pretty sound.

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    Girls names

    I like your second combination of names. I like all 3 names & they run well together.
    I 'm not a fan of Remy. Anne & Marie are OK. I like Ramona better

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    I think both are adorable even though I am not a fan of the name Anne.
    Aurora, Cecelia, Violet, Lorelei, Vivienne

    August, Ezra, Noah, Emmett, Graham

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