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    Re: Names suggestions for a difficult last name...

    Camden Aurora Chal
    Cameron Ava Chal
    Camryn Pearl Chal
    Keaton Isadora Chal
    Carson Ophelia Chal

    Cameron James Chal
    Clayton James Chal
    Caleb Andrew Chal
    Kenyon Drake Chal

    My last name starts with a "C" and I like C.C., too! My husband's first name starts with a "K". The initials K.C. are a lot of fun, too. So I put in some names that start with a "K".

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    Re: Names suggestions for a difficult last name...

    Aw I love those! I especially love Camden!

    I also didn't mean to make it sound like it HAS to start with a "C". I just like the way it sounds.

    Thanks so much for your suggetions!

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    Re: Names suggestions for a difficult last name...

    Hmm, that is a different last name. I think that it is nice to give easy spellings to the 1st name when sometimes there are spelling things with the last. A girl at work just named her little girl Karson Elizabeth, I think a nice classic girly name works really well for that style of name. I like Susan's suggustion of Camden, too.
    For Chandler: Chandler Jane Chal, Chandler Faith Chal, Chandler Abby Chal, Chandler Leanne Chal
    Girls C/K: Cassidy, Cara, Cora, Kiera, Callie, Casey, Kennedy
    Girls: Marley, Bailey, Harlow, Sloan, Aspen, Danica, Arden, Sidney, Sawyer, Reese, Adrian
    Boys C/K: Kellen, Colby, Caden, Cole, Colt, Kean, Corbin, Cobalt (lyndsayjenness talked about this name, I know some people think it is a little hippy dippy but I love it!)
    Boys: Dane, Blake, Gage, Beckett (I always say this one), Auden, Jude, Spencer
    My faves: Cassidy Jane Chal, (Jane is my favorite in all situations), Marley Bliss Chal or Arden Mae Chal for girls. For boys: Blake Maxwell Chal or Colt Robert Chal

    I know this is all over the board but hopefully it helps!

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    Re: Name suggestions for a difficult last name...

    Wow, those are all great suggestions! I never thought this would be so hard!! I'll see what my husband thinks!

    Thank you so much for your suggestions!

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