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    More Names From School Roll

    Here are some more treasures I unearthed from our testing rosters today. Feel free to comment.

    Vladimir Ethan
    Terra Terrell
    Pacific Andrew
    Adolph Edward III
    Matthew Mark (pleeeeeeease tell me his brother is Luke John)
    Lukas Maximi
    Trinity Storm
    Alex Ander

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    Re: More Names From School Roll

    Well, I really dig Vladimir, so Vladimir Ethan gets a :thumbsup: from me.

    At least poor Pacific has Andrew to fall back on should he need to. And I almost feel sorry for Adolph Edward III, almost. I theoretically like Adolph, it's got a strong sound and a nice meaning, too bad abou assocations. Saving grace, he's a third. If he'd been mine, I'd've argued, Edward Adolph the I.
    Of all the Gospel dudes, John is the only name I like enough to want to use!
    Lukas Maximi - please, please tell me Maximi is a typo! Maxim is awesome! Lukas is alright, not for me but perfectly fine on anyone else's kid. But *swoon* Maxim! Maximi not so much.
    and poor Alex Ander who got two names that equal one. Alexander ____ would have been so handsome, too!

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    Re: More Names From School Roll

    Vladimir Ethan - Vladimir is lots of fun nickname Vladdy, could be one of my vampire names. With Ethan it sounds odd. Nearly named a black kitty Vladimir nn Vladdy.
    Terra Terrell - if this were my name I would cry.
    Pacific Andrew - so odd! Sounds like Andrew is having a rough time with toilet training!
    Uneik - if this were my name I would do more than cry! I would wail and gnash my teeth.
    Quawnte - more gnashing of teeth
    Adolph Edward III - oh, oh!
    Matthew Mark (pleeeeeeease tell me his brother is Luke John) - maybe his brother is Jude Revelation and his sister could be Ruth First Samuel. But Matthew Mark does remind me a bit of Marky Mark which I think is really fun.
    Lukas Maximi - Lukas Maxim isn't so bad. But Lukas Maximi sounds like one eye is missing or you have a patch over one eye. Would be great for a pirate. Oooh! that would be a fun list - Pirate Names.
    Trinity Storm - Blaaahhh!!! Some names make me think of crumpled up old Kleenexes, and this is one.
    Alex Ander - odd! love Alexander

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    Re: More Names From School Roll

    I know a Chris Chrisinger.
    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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    Re: More Names From School Roll

    Chris Chrisinger. Lordy. What are these parents thinking?! Alex Ander actually made me laugh out loud. Alex Ander? Seriously? The poor kid... I wonder how his sister, Eliz Abeth, is doing.

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