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Thread: Horrible Names!

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    Horrible Names!

    My grandfather always used to laugh when he thought of his high school friend, Jeffrey Artz, who went by the name "Jeff." Say the first and last name together, and you've got "Jeff Artz." Say it faster if you can't hear the phrase. :-) Then, there's a distant cousin named Richard Handler, who, um, goes by the name Dick. Seriously. Not. A. Joke.

    So, I thought I'd start a thread in honor of Jeff and Dick, dedicated to horrible name combinations/horrible names. Have you come across any other winning combinations (or simply some horrible names in and of themselves), and if so, could you share them?

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    Re: Horrible Names!

    Ooh, Jill, those are terrible! Those poor men.

    Now here's my contribution (it's her firstname and middle name): Sunshine Deathray.

    Isn't that amazingly bad? Yes, this person actually exists: she's a little girl--must be 2 or 3. I went to high school with her mother, and many of my friends from high school still keep in touch with her and have actually met little Sunshine. If she had been a boy, they would have named her Han Solo. I don't know which is worse.

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    Re: Horrible Names!

    Never met these people, only heard of them. They are real, though.

    Ima Pigg
    Benjamin (nn Ben) Dover
    Safety First
    Training First
    Aid First
    Harry Balls
    Heavenly Cloud
    Sex Addict
    Ophelia Butts
    Hugo Butts
    Littlefield (nn Little?) Dick
    Ima Wh***
    Harry Pits
    Richard (nn Dick?) Banger
    Semore Butts
    C*** Sucker

    If you go to, you can look them all up. Sorry, I think I had a little to much fun with this. *Edited so as not to offend some people. I think you still get the picture?

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    Re: Horrible Names!

    Oh, wow! Thanks for these posts! Sunshine Deathray? Seriously?! Has she begun therapy yet? Unbelievable!

    Sex Addict? Holy Mama!

    The Butts names above remind me of a Richard Butt, father of someone I once knew. And yes, he went by Dick.

    What were these people's parents thinking? AAHHH!!!

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    Re: Horrible Names!

    -My husbands old boss was Woody Johnson, everyone called him Double Dick!
    -My great-great grandfather was named Gaylord, I guess it wasn't so bad back then, though.
    -January February March (last name is March), why would you do that???
    -Magnolia Thunderpussy! This wasn't the name she was born with, but she got it legally changed to that.
    -Twins, Velvet and Velveeta... true story.
    -Twins again, Lemonjello and Orangejello.
    -This one isn't born yet, but I know someone who wants to name their daughter Anna May. Sounds cute at first, but say it fast.
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