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    Twins and middle name help.

    I am having a girl and a boy. For the girl I have picked Finn (our last name is Archer) but what is a good name to go with it for my son? Also, I am having trouble picking a middle name for Finn. If you could help me that would be super. Thanks!

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    Re: Twins and middle name help.

    Congratulations on your twins! I have to say that when I hear Finn, I assume it's a boy, and only a boy. :-( Would you at least conider Finley? Then again, even with Finley, it would be nearly impossible to determine which one is the boy/girl. Perhaps Finola would be a good Irish solution, as you could call her Finn as a nickname. (Better yet, your little boy can be Finn, Finley, Finnegan, etc.)

    On paper, Finn with make it will look like you have two sons. If this is what you want, however, and it doesn't bother you that you'll have to correct people over and over, then go for it!

    You're obviously a fan of Irish and surname names, so here are some ideas that may be of some help:

    Delaney Quinn
    Ciara Maeve
    Cassidy Rosaleen
    Darcy Aveline or Darcy Maeve
    Darby Elizabeth
    Shea Margaret
    Reilly Aveline
    Roseleen Shea
    Sheridan Elizabeth
    Tierney Aveline
    Teagan Rose
    Rory Catherine
    Rowan Tierney
    Maeve Catherine/Maeve Roseleen
    Quinn Aveline
    Keeley Bronwyn
    Bronwyn Saoirse (seer-sha)
    Fiona Margaret
    Finola Bronwyn/Finola Tamsin
    Aveline Grace
    Ruby Aveline

    Finnegan James
    Finnian Oliver
    Flynn Alexander
    Finbar William
    Liam Charles
    Brady Nolan
    Nolan Edward
    Sullivan Darby
    Connor Quinlan
    Cullen Patrick
    Callum Patrick
    Darby Quinn
    Declan Charles
    Gavin Miles
    Phineas Edward
    Quinlan Darby
    Roan Oliver
    Hugh William
    Patrick Finnegan
    Colin Dashiell

    Best wishes to you!

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    Re: Twins and middle name help.

    I would not name a little girl Finn. Finn is a great name for a boy. I would use Finn as a nickname for the gorgeous Phineas or the so cool Finnian. Then I would pick a very cute Irish nickname for my little girl such as Gemma, Sorcha, Briony, or something like that. Or I'd pick something super hip and British-sounding like Pippa, Iris, Cecily, or Daphne.

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    Re: Twins and middle name help.

    What about Finnlin Belle Archer for you daughter. Finn for her nickname.

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    Re: Twins and middle name help.

    Ooh just saw Finella on an Irish list as a variation of Finola. Quite pretty and girly but you can still use Finn as a nn. Not sure about the flow of Finella Archer but a one syllable middle name would help eg Finella Rose Archer.

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