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    Im having twins!

    I'm having twins and there are so many names to choose from but i want them to be unique and original. They don't have to rhyme. but if they do its okay if there are any suggestions PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment. The last name is Robinson!

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    Re: Im having twins!

    Wow congrads! Do you know if they are boys or girls or both? Here's some ideas, but if you tell everybody a few ideas of names you like they are really good at thinking up ones in that vein.

    Boys: Brock, Walker, Haden, Miles, Corbin, Wyatt, Finn, Beckett
    Girls: Haven, Reese, Lydia, Keena, Freya, Leah, Rhiannon, Avalon, Sheena

    Any of these strike a chord?

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    Re: Im having twins!

    Please tell us a few names you like because in the past I've racked my brain to come up with something really original and then it turns out that the person thinks Kayla or Emma is original.

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    Re: Im having twins!

    Susan, that made me laugh out loud. :-) To the original poster, yes, please do give us examples of your taste in names!

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    Re: Im having twins!

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    Re: Im having twins!

    Here are a few off the top of my head for you!

    Charles and Caroline (the come from the same origin, I think thats very cute for twins)
    Alec and Elise
    Nicholas John and Mallory Claire (I love love love Mallory Claire but hubby doesn't like it)
    Reed and Blythe
    Blake and Eliza
    Peter and Charlotte
    Phillip and Avery

    wait... I just realized... are you having boys, girls, both?
    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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