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    Help! Can't choose the perfect name...

    We're expecting a baby girl in a few months. We have one little boy, Colin, and our last name is Lafferty. I would love to use an Irish name to go with our son's extremely Irish-sounding name, but a lot of the Irish names I like are too trendy right now. On the other hand, there are some names I love that are NOT Irish. Strongly considering the middle name "Rose" with all of these...

    Amelia (my husband says this makes him think of "Amelia Bedelia")
    Fiona (my husband complains she would get compared with a green ogre)
    or even Rose as a first name...

    I also like Rowan, which is an Irish name, but I don't think I like it as well as any of the names I have listed above.

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    Re: Help! Can't choose the perfect name...

    Actually, Rowan is my favorite of all your options. It's a lovely name, and Colin & Rowan? Gorgeous.

    Colin and Marin-- I like Marin a lot, but maybe the double 'in' endings are awkward?
    Colin and Amelia-- I don't think of Bedelia, but it's just okay for me
    Colin and Celia-- Celia's pretty, but not a favorite for me
    Colin and Annabel-- In my region, all the -bel names are a little too popular
    Colin and Fiona-- another pretty name, but I see his point on the ogre
    Colin and Clara-- I like the name, but the alliteration doesn't work for me
    Colin and Rose-- I'm tired of Rose as a middle name, but putting it first makes it new and fresh. I like this combo!

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    Re: Help! Can't choose the perfect name...

    Colin Lafferty is a gorgeous name.
    I love
    Colin and Rose
    Colin and Fiona
    Colin and Rowan
    How about
    Colin and Ivy - uh, oh, I don't really like Ivy Lafferty, or do I? Maybe I do like it. It looks pretty in print.
    Colin and Esme
    Colin and Nora - Nora Lafferty - very pretty! This is my fave with Lafferty. So elegant and also Irish!
    Colin and Iris
    Colin and Sorcha
    Colin and Daphne - hmmm...don't like Daphne Lafferty too much. What do you think?
    Colin and Matilda nn Tillie - I like Tillie Lafferty, and Matilda Lafferty is a mouthful, but sounds nice. Lafferty is fun to work with!
    Colin and Pippa
    Colin and Gemma! so cute!

    I love the combos of Colin and Ivy and Colin and Sorcha. So Irish! Tillie, Rowan, Gemma, and Nora are so much fun with Lafferty! I think I'd go with Colin and Nora, Colin and Gemma, or Colin and Rowan if it were my choice.

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    Re: Help! Can't choose the perfect name...

    Just have to speak up in Fiona's behalf. Yes, she's an ogre in the movie, but she didn't start out that way and she's still a thoughtful and caring Princess, ogre or not.
    My brain forgets about the ogre Princess, Fiona for me brings up the gorgeous (late) Cyd Charisse, who played Fiona in my favorite, favorite, favorite musical "Brigadoon".

    I think she's really awesome with Lafferty too. just sayin'. :D

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    Re: Help! Can't choose the perfect name...

    Amelia Rose: A gorgeous name!

    Annabel Rose: I love Annabelle/Annabel, but I'm not liking Annabel with your last name, as the L's run into one another.

    Marin Rose: While I do love Marin, it's just not classic enough for me, and your other names flow much better with Colin. (Also, Marin Rose is too "R" heavy.)

    Fiona Rose: This is stunning, and I LOVE it with Colin. My friend has a baby Fiona, and I just love the name! Fiona Lafferty is amazing!

    Clara Rose: I do like Clara, but not with Rose.

    Rose: Rose is my favorite name, and it's fantastic as a first name! :-)

    Rowan: I LOVE Rowan, and Rowan Lafferty is wonderful!

    Some more Irish ideas:

    Maeve (would be gorgeous as a middle name, too...)

    Other ideas:


    I really like Lola's suggestion of Gemma. :-)

    Best wishes to you!

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    Re: Help! Can't choose the perfect name...

    Thanks, ladies! I think we are leaning towards husband has actually gotten over the green ogre thing and the name is really starting to "grow on him," as he put it. The same thing happened with Colin (he didn't like the name at first) so I have a feeling it may end up being our final choice. :) And I think Fi is just the cutest nickname!

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    Still looking for the perfect name!

    Now that Baby Girl is due in 3 weeks, a lot of our name ideas have changed. I'm kind of over the whole Irish idea--Colin Lafferty is a great Irish name, but Colin is also English and I love the classic English names so much more. I don't want to name my baby an Irish name if there's another name I like better. Having said are some of our final choices (some are repeats):

    Eliza (my concern with this is she could end up getting called Liza, and I think of Liza Minelli)
    Nora (I just feel like this name isn't as "pretty" as some of my other choices)
    Amelia (concern with this one is nickname--my husband likes Mia, but I feel that is too trendy and I would like her to be called by her full name)
    Jocelyn--we would call her Josie
    Tessa-this is an Irish name that I think is super cute, but my husband's not a huge fan. My 2 year old loves it, though!
    Annabel-I love this name, but I love Belle as the nickname and two of my best friends have girls named Bella, so we would have to use Anna as a nickname, and I'm not as fond of that.

    Other possibilities: Claire or Clara, Fiona, Celia, Rowan...

    FYI, most of my family/friends love Amelia. And we still like the middle name Rose with most of these names. I know it's overused as a middle name, but I don't care--I think it's beautiful! I would totally use it as a first name, but my husband is totally against that.

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    Re: Still looking for the perfect name!

    Eliza - love Eliza so much. Also love Lizzy.
    Nora - it is kind of plain for a little girl.
    Amelia - love it!
    Jocelyn--we would call her Josie. In California, Jocelyn is super popular. I prefer Josephine, but Jocelyn is very pretty, too.
    Tessa - love it.
    Annabel - I really like Annabel. Love Anna, too.

    Other possibilities:
    Claire or Clara - love these two so much!
    Fiona - love
    Celia - one of my very favorites. Love as a nn for Cecilia.
    Rowan - not my style

    Do you like Celeste?

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    Re: Help! Can't choose the perfect name...

    Colin and Nora - Did you ever watch Nick & Nora? That must be why I love this name. So distinguished, yet feminine. I think it's absolutely darling.
    Colin and Gemma - Love it.
    Colin and Rosie - updates the overdone "Rose"
    Colin and Beatrix - "Bea Lafferty" may be a little much, but the full name is nice. And **eventually** she will get married and change her last name anyway. I like it. Plus, you could give a middle name that you call her by.
    Colin and Gwendolyn (Gwen) - it's kinda matchy, but not too matchy

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    Re: Still looking for the perfect name!

    Eliza - I adore Eliza! I'd be a little concerned about the Liza thing, but not too much. It's not very difficult to say Eliza in full! i know an Eliza that is always called her full name.
    Nora- I know what you mean, but every Nora I've ever met has been pretty, nice, and popular.
    Amelia- I don't think people would call her Mia if you didn't tell them too, as it's not like just taking a syllable off the name (as in Liza). I love the name Amelia and I think it matches Colin's popularity nicely, making them both feel classic rather than trendy.
    Jocelyn-- I dislike Jocelyn, what about Josephine with the nickname Josie?
    Tessa- It's cute, but I like some of your other choices better.
    Annabel-Two best friends with Bellas? That's a shame. I wouldn't use Annabel if you don't get to use Belle as the nickname.

    Other possibilities:
    Claire or Clara- Like them both, but do you want both of your children to have the same initial?
    Fiona- L.O.V.E.
    Celia- I think Cecilia is prettier
    Rowan- This is all boy to me.

    I think my top pick would be Amelia, but very closely followed by Eliza, Nora and Fiona. You have lots of beautiful options, good luck with picking just one!
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