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    Please Give me your Opinions!

    I have a bunch of names I like, but I want opinions! here is my list: (Also need middle names! any suggestions)


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    Re: Please Give me your Opinions!

    Meredith and Scarlett are my personal favorites.

    Meredith Eloise (or other middle names beginning with a vowel sound. Because "th" is such a strong sound a softer beginning flows nicely.)
    Scarlett is a toughie when it comes to middle names.

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    Re: Please Give me your Opinions!

    Meredith: Just okay for me...

    Meredith Anne
    Meredith Grace
    Meredith Kate
    Meredith Paige
    Meredith Rose

    Scarlett: I think I allready commented on this name on both of your other threads...

    Serena: See above...

    Kai: Not a fan of Kai...

    Kai Madeleine
    Kai Elizabeth
    Kai Liliana

    Ever: Already commented on this one...

    Cecily: A great name, as is Celia!

    Cecily Jane
    Cecily Josephine
    Cecily Kate

    Savannah: Already commented on this one, too.

    Vashti: Not a fan of Vashti at all, and while I don't like Esther, I prefer it to Vashti.

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: Please Give me your Opinions!

    You have such a wide variety of names!
    Meredith - I really love this name, the nn Merry is cute, too. This is just classy!
    Scarlett - Not one of my faves
    Serena - Pretty, and beautiful meaning too.
    Kai - Not my style, plus isn't it used more for boys?
    Ever - Hmmm
    Cecily - Very pretty
    Savannah - Pretty, more popular then some of you others, but for a good reason - great name!
    Vashti - I don't think this is nearly as good as your others!

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    lola Guest

    Re: Please Give me your Opinions!

    Meredith - too mannish for me, Meredith's in the same group with Beverely. Not a pleasant sound, for me. Funny too, I adore Edith!

    Scarlett - A bit flambouyant but lovely too, Scarlett's on my own list, as a middle. I think Letty/Lettie would make a lovely, wearble nickname for Scarlett, should she want something softer.

    Serena - seems a bit odd to me. I mean, I have firecracker kids, Serena would be weird on one of them, but if you run quieter than I and mine, Serena's a great name. Soft & pretty.

    Kai - I liked Kai about 12 years ago but I'm over it now. Too short, too sharp & abrupt for me anymore. Going to be really dated in about 10 years too, from what I can gather. It's okay, but you've got far better on this list!

    Ever - What? Sounds like the beginning of a phrase: Ever More, Ever bright, Ever trying...., Ever just seems silly.

    Cecily - is on my own lists, not too likely to be used but I love Cecily enough to consider. Soft, strong, beautiful and light, what's not to love?

    Savannah - Pardon this but Savannah gives me a stripper vibe. Rather brash
    & graspy, singleminded. Not bad but not something I'd admire (or want for myself). Savannah's alright.

    Vashti - I am going to be the lone admirer here. I think Vashti's awesome! Unusual, Biblical, strong and beautiful. Queen Vashti was Queen Esther's predecessor, killed for not parading nude around her husband, the King's, friends. Her bad image is outdated and I think she'd make a stunning choice for a girl today.

    Now, for middle suggestions, a few for each:

    Meredith Patrice
    Meredith Alice
    Meredith Ella

    Scalett Alice
    Scarlett Georgia
    Scarlett Beatrice
    Scarlett Lucy
    Scarlett Zoya

    Serena Josephine
    Serena Vivien
    Serena Katharine
    Serena Giselle

    Kai marielle
    Kai Frances
    Kai Patrice
    Kai Lorraine

    I can't, in good conscience, suggest anything for Ever. It's too silly.

    Cecily Niamh (Neve)
    Cecily Frances
    Cecily Therese
    Cecily Zara

    Savannah Alice
    Savannah Lucy
    Savannah Tess
    Savannah May

    Vashti Amandine
    Vashti Katharine
    Vashti Cecile
    Vashti Renee

    I hope that helps some!

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    Vashti was banished by Xerxes and replaced by Esther/Hadassah. Your daughter may not like that association.

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    MeredithLike it and love Merida and Miranda, mn Juliet

    Scarlett Like it and it would suit an outgoing young miss, mn Rose

    SerenaJust beautiful, mn Isabel

    KaiIf it is meant as a boy's name then name him Malachi nn Kai

    EverUnsubstantial, don't like

    CecilyQuirky, like it a lot mn Kate

    SavannahDon't like

    VashtiLike it but would not use, mn Anna


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    Meredith - Used to be one of my favorites, I still love it!

    Scarlett - I've always liked this name. I think it could be a good alternative to the ever-popular and old fashioned Charlotte, since it has the same sound.

    Serena - Reminds me of Serena Williams, which isn't a bad association.

    Kai - ...Isn't this a boys name?

    Ever - No.

    Cecily - Cute.

    Savannah - Neutral.

    Vashti - Bad association.
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    goodness, why are these nearly 4yr-old threads being resurrected?
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