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    I'm not sure that this boy's name is at the top of my list, but I came across it and it piqued my interest. I looked it up here and the nameberry write up for Sheldon really bashes the name Sheldon, calling it "out there" and comparing it to Marvin - which sounds like the ultimate math nerd name to me.

    I thought Sheldon seemed rather manly and athletic. Does everyone else feel this is as brutal a name as nameberry thinks?

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    Re: Sheldon

    Sheldon is a classic "nerd" name. (See "The Big Bang Theory.") That's not to say you couldn't have a little Sheldon who owned his name and made it cool, but that's it's immediate association for many people.

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    Re: Sheldon

    I want to see his appeal, really I do. I even know someone online who insists her firstborn will be Sheldon, for her Grandpop. But Sheldon feels very tight to me, and almost too prissy. I think it's that shel- sound. I agree that the right kid could pull it off, but knowing that would be better known by you. If you really think it'll fit, go for it. After all, I have Rufus on top of my list and this is the "Sheldon" name for me, I love him, few others do!

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    Re: Sheldon

    That name automatically makes me think of that scene in "When Harry met Sally" when he asks her with whom she had great sex. She answers: Shel Gordon. An he goes: Sheldon? Not you did not have great sex with Shel Gordon. It's the name (and so on). So while I'm indifferent about that name maybe it arouses the same connotation with others too.

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    Re: Sheldon

    Annika - I had totally forgotten that scene!! Funny. But that it the conotations that I have. Sheldon is somebody who can do your taxes . . . Sorry, I don;t think think I could handle a baby Sheldon.

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    Re: Sheldon

    I'm of a different opinion than many, but that's because of my association with the name. I went to school with a Sheldon and he was one of the most laid back, kindest, and well liked kids ever, the entire time I knew him. And when we were little, he was every girl's crush. Since that's the only Sheldon I've ever known, it's the kind of person I associate with the name. I'll always think that Sheldon has potential.

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