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    One Mama Who Needs Help!

    I am 5.5 mo pregnant with baby girl #2. I need ideas. Here are my requirements and my list of names we "like" but aren't in love with.

    1. Has to be an older, less-common name. Her big sister's name is Clara Mae.
    2. No more C names... or at LEAST no hard C sounds. We don't want to be that type of parent who gives their kids matching names (although, i guess we are trying to match them but not too closely.)
    3. Can't be too plain. With a last name like Brown...
    4. We want to use Anne or Marienne as a middle name(my grandma's name, or the female form of my deceased grandfather's name.)
    5. No color names. My husband and I are artists... but we don't want our kids to be crayon colors. (ie. i always liked the name autumn... but really? Autumn Brown? born to an artist?)

    Okay... so the list of names we "like":
    1. Alice
    2. Margie (Marjorie)
    3. Maggie (Magdalen)
    4. Edithe (Edie)
    5. Emmeline (i love this, as my grandma is Emogene, but Emma is too popular!)
    6. Georgie
    7. Helen

    Again, we like these, but aren't LOVING any of them. We keep hoping to hear something along these lines, but new to our ears... something we may just fall in LOVE with.

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    Re: One Mama Who Needs Help!

    I love the name Clara Mae so very much!

    1. Alice - I really love the name Alice
    2. Margie (Marjorie) - this is my mother-in-law's name! I just think of her.
    3. Maggie (Magdalen) - really cute!
    4. Edithe (Edie) - very cute, but I wouldn't put an "e" on the end of Edith.
    5. Emmeline (i love this, as my grandma is Emogene, but Emma is too popular!) I'm not a fan.
    6. Georgie - a lovely nickname for Georgia. Georgia Brown is really pretty!
    7. Helen - I love Helena and I love Helen as a middle name.

    Again, we like these, but aren't LOVING any of them. We keep hoping to hear something along these lines, but new to our ears... something we may just fall in LOVE with.

    These are some of my fave names except I don't really love Tallulah or Winnifred that much, but maybe you would love them:

    How about:

    Penelope - Penny Brown is a bit cloying (Brown Penny!). I think I would go with Nell.
    Winnifred nn Winnie, Winnie Brown is cute.
    Veronica, Veronika nn Vera, Vera Brown is lovely!
    Melina nn Lena - so pretty! Lena Brown
    Chloe, popular, but very pretty with Brown.
    Anastasia nn Stassia
    India Brown, that's pretty
    Memphis - sultry! what do you think of it with Brown?
    Vivian nn Vivi. Vivi Brown, pretty
    Annika - don't like with Brown
    Millicent nn Millie - don't like with Brown either
    Ailsa - sounds good with Brown.
    Patricia nn Paisha or Paisha all by itself. (Pay-sha)
    Gwenyth - don't like with Brown
    Tallulah nn Lulah - actually sounds great with Brown
    Margaret nn Daisy or just Daisy by itself or Margaret nn Maisie, Maisie Brown is so cute!
    Josephine nn Josie, very cute with Brown
    Philippa nn Pippa
    Frances nn Francie
    Flora Brown, pretty.
    Lucille, Lucinda nn Lucy or Lucy by itself - one of my favorite names of all time! But I don't like it with Brown...
    Harriet nn Hattie. I like this with Brown. Hattie Brown. Very cute!
    Ruby Brown sounds good to me. I know Ruby is a color, but I like it with Brown.

    A lot of these don't sound that good with Brown. I will have to put on my thinking cap. With Brown, I like Ruby, Flora, Harriet, Daisy, Tallulah, Vera, Ailsa, and India. My faves are Vera and India. What do you think?

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    Re: One Mama Who Needs Help!

    Hi there! Clara Mae is a gorgeous name, and I'm sure you'll come up with something just as lovely for your next little girl. Your name criteria are very logical, and you'll find that Nameberry attracts a lot of classic name lovers (including me)!

    Amelia Marienne Brown
    Aurora Marienne Brown
    Adelia Marienne Brown
    Adeline Anne Brown
    Adelaide Marienne Brown
    Aveline Anne Brown
    Beatrice Marienne Brown
    Beatrice Anne Brown
    Beatrix Marienne Brown
    Beatrix Anne Brown
    Celia Marienne Brown
    Cecilia Marienne Brown
    Cecily Anne Brown
    Cecily Marienne Brown
    Celeste Marienne Brown
    Charlotte Anne Brown
    Charlotte Marienne Brown
    Daphne Marienne Brown
    Daphne Anne Brown
    Delilah Marienne Brown
    Evangeline Marienne Brown
    Eleanor Marienne Brown
    Eleanor Anne Brown
    Esme Marienne Brown
    Elodie Marienne Brown
    Eliza Marienne Brown
    Elsa Marienne Brown
    Eva Marienne Brown
    Evelyn Anne Brown
    Felicity Marienne Brown
    Felicity Anne Brown
    Fiona Marienne Brown
    Florence Marienne Brown
    Genevieve Marienne Brown
    Georgia Marienne Brown
    Georgiana Marienne Brown
    Helena Marienne Brown
    Honor Marienne Brown
    Isadora Anne Brown
    Isadora Marienne Brown
    Imogen Marienne Brown
    Isla Marienne Brown
    Julia Marienne Brown
    Juliet Marienne Brown
    Louisa Marienne Brown
    Lydia Marienne Brown
    Lila Marienne Brown
    Lillian Marienne Brown
    Lucy Anne Brown
    Matilda Marienne Brown
    Miranda Marienne Brown
    Marielle Anne Brown (This combines the Marienne and Anne nicely!)
    Mariel Anne (Brown See above...)
    Miriam Anne Brown
    Mabel Anne Brown
    Maris Anne Brown
    Nora Marienne Brown
    Phoebe Anne Brown
    Polly Marienne Brown
    Rosalie Marienne Brown
    Rosalind Anne Brown
    Susannah Marienne Brown (Anne can be honored with Susannah)
    Tessa Marienne Brown
    Theodora Marienne Brown
    Viviana Marienne Brown
    Willa Anne Brown
    Willa Marienne Brown

    I was going to star my favorites, but I'd be starring the entire list! Marienne is a gorgeous name (as is Anne), and it goes beautifully with just about everything. I just realized that I forgot to comment on your name list, so I'll do that in my next post. :-) Best wishes to you!

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    Re: One Mama Who Needs Help!

    1. Alice: A beautiful name, but as with the others, if you only "like" it, that's all that matters!

    2. Margie (Marjorie): I'm really not a fan of Marjorie, although I do like the French version.

    3. Maggie (Magdalen): Maggie is darling, but the canine Maggies I know have ruined this lovely name for me!

    4. Edithe (Edie): I'm not a fan of Edith (with or without the e), as I only think of Edith Bunker (All In The Family is on TV Land now). Edie, however, is a darling nickname!

    5. Emmeline (i love this, as my grandma is Emogene, but Emma is too popular!): Emmeline is one of my all-time favorites, and I feel your pain regarding Emma's popularity!

    6. Georgie: I love Georgiana and Georgia, with Georgie as a nickname, but I don't care for Georgie as a name in and of itself. If I were named Georgie, I'd be asking my parents, "Why didn't you name me Georgia or Georgiana, so I'd have some other options?"

    7. Helen: I like Helen, but LOVE Helena! :-)

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    Re: One Mama Who Needs Help!

    This morning I woke up and thought of Gemma Brown. I think it's so pretty. Brown is a very powerful last name. Clara Brown and Vera Brown sound just lovely, but a lot of names are overpowered by Brown. Gemma is a name that can hold its own next to Brown. I also thought of Ida Brown. I think she is a character in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book.

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    Re: One Mama Who Needs Help!

    Clara Mae is a fantastic name! Clara would be at the top of my list if it went well with my last name (starts with an "R" so sadly it just doesn't work).

    Ok, of your choices:
    1. Alicelove this with Clara! Not sure if it's the best fit with your middles though. Alice Anne might work...scratch that, sounds like a strange pronunciation of Allison :)
    2. Margie (Marjorie)I like Marjorie, but not with Clara
    3. Maggie (Magdalen)very nice, but again, not sure it goes with your middles. I might use Margaret instead (and still use Maggie as a nn).
    4. Edithe (Edie)HUGE fan of Edie! Works with your middles, too. Edithe Marienne Brown is fantastic.
    5. Emmeline (i love this, as my grandma is Emogene, but Emma is too popular!)was one of my faves, too. But agree that Emma is just too popular now.
    6. Georgiegreat as a nn for Georgia/Georgina
    7. Helenagree with other posts, Helena is lovely, and works so well with Clara.

    From the existing suggestions, I love:
    India Marienne Brown
    Iris Anne Brown
    Frances Marienne Brown
    Beatrice/Beatrix Anne Brown
    Celia Anne Brown
    Cecilia Anne Brown
    Eleanor Anne Brown
    Eva Marienne Brown
    Lila Marienne Brown
    Matilda Anne Brown (nn Tilly or Tilda)

    I also love:
    Francesca Anne Brown
    Virginia Marienne Brown
    Cecily Anne Brown
    Camilla Marienne Brown (nn Milla to avoid two hard "C"s)

    Of all of these, my top picks:
    Edithe Marienne Brown (nn Edie)I just love Edie Brown!
    Helena Marienne BrownHelena and Clara sound fantastic together.
    Iris Anne BrownClara Mae and Iris Anneso sweet!
    Lila Marienne BrownLila Brown is gorgeous, so classy.
    Virginia Marienne Brownwould try to use the full name though, Ginny Brown isn't nearly as unique as Virginia Brown.
    Camilla Marienne BrownMilla Brown is lovely.

    Anything clicking for you yet? I am 41.5 weeks and it wasn't until a few weeks ago that we finally settled on our definite choices :)
    :: o l i v e ::

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    Re: One Mama Who Needs Help!

    I love the suggestion of Gemma Brown. What do you think of Imogen? It could honor Emogene, and you could use the nickname Gemma.

    Eleanor Brown nn Nora, or just Nora.
    Beatrix Brown
    Eliza Brown (i really love this with Clara!)
    Matilda Brown
    Lucy Brown
    Dorothy Brown
    Violet Brown
    Viola Brown (love this, too!)
    Susannah nn Susie Brown (this is really cute!)
    Louisa Brown
    Clementine Brown
    Cecilia Brown

    sorry for any repeats. I reallly love Eliza with your last name and paired with Clara. Viola is kind of a color name, but I think it's lovely with Brown, and sweetly old fashioned, like Clara.
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    Re: One Mama Who Needs Help!

    Patty Brown~
    I loooooooooooove Emiline! I was stuck between naming my 2nd daughter either Emiline or Evelyn. We decided on Evelyn Mae. Like your daughters name Clara Mae. By the way beautiful name choice.

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    From your original list, I like Emmeline Anne.

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