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    I really love the name Andrea, but it has so many pronunciations. Some say ON-dree-uh. Some say On-DRAY-uh and some say ANN-dree-uh. I like ANN-dree-uh the most. Also do you think this name is out of style?

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    Re: Andrea

    I don't think so - maybe more popular in the 80s but definently not dated (in my mind). I pronounce in Ann-dre-a because that is how a friend of mine says it - and I think it is the most common . . . .it's one of those pretty girly names!

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    Re: Andrea

    I don't think it's dated. It's pretty enough that giving it to a baby girl would make it feel fresh and new.

    As an aside: Andrea is the name my mom wanted to give me, but Dad didn't like it. :)

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    Re: Andrea

    I would think that 99% of people would use your preferred pronunciation of Ann-dree-uh. I think it's rather pretty and not dated at all.

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