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    A few of my favorites

    Here are a few of my very favorite name pairs right now. I'd love it if you would review!

    (Note: All 2nd middles are family surnames.)

    Rosalind Olive Thayer
    Beatrice Helena Massey
    Pauline Willa
    Rosalba Melantho
    Petra Calliope
    Winifred Flora Ingram

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    Re: A few of my favorites

    Rosalind Olive Thayer: I really like Rosalind, but I don't like the repetitive "o" sounds is Rosalind Olive. What about Rosalind Ophelia or Rosalind Willa?

    Beatrice Helena Massey: What a lovely name! Are you pronouncing Helena "Hel-len-uh" or "hel-LEEN-uh" ?

    Pauline Willa: Pauline is too dated for me, but I really like Paulina. What about Paulina Rosalind?

    Rosalba Melantho: I'm not liking Rosalba or Melantho at all. :-(

    Petra Calliope: This flows beautifully, and I really like Petra and Calliope together.

    Winifred Flora Ingram: For me, there are too many f's in Winifred Flora, but Flora Winifred flows beautifully. Flora Winifred Ingram is goreous! :-)

    You've got some beautiful name combinations!

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    Re: A few of my favorites

    Rosalind Olive Thayer - I like the repetitive 'O' sounds here, sounds open and inviting. I love the color scheme too, pinks & greens. Still prefer Thayer on a guy, but it's not hurting anything here.

    Beatrice Helena Massey - I'm assuming helen-ah here, because otherwise the flow is too singsongy (at least for me). As is, Helena feels perfectly lovely next to upright Beatrice. Lovely!

    Pauline Willa - Alos not a fan of Pauline, it feels too 60 year old lady to me. Paulina's a bit more "now" feeling, And I don't mine the repeated 'a' endings. The flow of Pauline Willa is lovely. I still prefer Willa Pauline more.

    Rosalba Melantho - Fellow lover of Rosalba here, I find it perfectly lush and lovely. Melantho feels a bit sinister to me but otherwise I have no complaint. The flow is perfect.

    Petra Calliope - I love this! Petra's one I love on other people's kids. Strong and beautiful. Calliope lightens her up perfectly.

    Winifred Flora Ingram - I don't mind the repeated 'f's here. I'm a huge fan of the F sound. And while I love Flora, I don't like her up front, she's too slight for me. Winifred's adorable, strong and whimsical both. Absolutely lovely, this. Probably my favorite here. And Ingram feels solid here. Perfect.

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    Re: A few of my favorites

    Are you pronouncing Rosalind as "rose-uh-lind" or "roz-uh-lind"? I do like Rose-uh-lind Olive, but am not a fan of Roz-uh-lind Olive. :-)

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    Re: A few of my favorites

    Sorry for the delay! Thank you for the feedback, both of you. Jill- I prefer ROZ-uh-lind; the "Rose" bit sounds a tad frilly, but sounds great on Rosamund. Anyhow, thank you for the advice.

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    Re: A few of my favorites

    Oh, and Lola- I'm not sure on Helena yet. We called my sister He-LANE-uh when she was a little girl, so that holds some sentimental value for me. However, her name is Mary Helen, so HEH-len-uh isn't a problem either. I'll take the sing-songy thing into consideration. I understand the dated feeling of Pauline, and while I like Paulina, the former seems more rounded off and appealing for some reason. I like Willa Pauline, too. :]

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    Rosalind Olive Thayer - I love the way this looks on paper, but like the other berries, I'm not sure it flows aloud.

    Beatrice Helena Massey - I'm assuming it's 'hah-LAY-nah', and either way I love it. So sophisticated.

    Pauline Willa - I love Pauline. Overall it's pretty, but I prefer something more substantial than Willa with the calm and stately Pauline.

    Rosalba Melantho - I'm not sure about Melantho. Do you mean Melantha? Either way, it doesn't flow aloud, the two names slur into each other a bit, and feels unfamiliar.

    Petra Calliope - I love Petra, it's one of my favourites, but are you pronouncing it PAY-truh and cal-ee-OH-pay? That would be too much of that sound for me. If not, I'd still say it sounds almost science-fiction-y.

    Winifred Flora Ingram - looks very beautiful. My second favourite after Beatrice Helena Massey.

    I played around a bit with these, hope you don't mind:

    Rosalind Helena Massey

    Pauline Rosamund

    Pauline Winifred

    Pauline Flora Ingram

    Petra Olive

    Winifred Rosa Ingram

    Rosalind Petra (I think this is really pretty, and you could probably use any of your second middles with it.)

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    Olive is so pretty!!!!!

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    Hello - my two cents:

    Rosalind Olive Thayer - Like Rosalind and Thayer, but Olive seems to break the flow.
    Beatrice Helena Massey nice flow.
    Pauline Willa - Like both names on their own, but not convinced by the flow.
    Rosalba Melantho - Feels a bit much. Maybe Rosalba Willa and Pauline Melantho would be better. Each more common name balances out the unusual one, letting each type of name shine.
    Petra Calliope - LOVE THIS - excellent flow and balance (am assuming you are pron. Calliope - Cah-lye-oh-pea)
    Winifred Flora Ingram[/QUOTE] - REALLY LOVE THIS!!! I think I'd like it better if Petra replaced Flora.
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