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Thread: Frances Pearl?

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    Frances Pearl?

    I've got my list narrowed down to a few names:

    Frances Pearl - this is my front runner, I LOVE the nn Frankie, Franny, and Pearl has
    family meaning

    Beatrice Opal - Beatrice is a family name, Opal just works well in the middle

    Eleanore _____ - I'm not sure about this yet... where I live, this name is already
    starting to get sort of trendy, Eleanore is also a family name, but I
    don't have a middle name nailed down yet - any suggestions?

    Any other name ideas? Also, feel free to move combinations around or make your own. As you can tell, I'm into old names that aren't too out there and have nickname possibilities... thanks for the help in advance!

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    Re: Frances Pearl?

    Frances Pearl - Is completely lovely! My mother was a Frances, I adore it. (She hated it). Pearl is a perfectly lovely compliment to Frances. I'm no fan of Frankie (as I'd call a boy Francis and nn him Frankie until he's at least 12). But I 'd like to suggest another Frances nickname possibility: Francie.

    Beatrice Opal - I like Beatrice but prefer Beatrix, myself. Beatrice reminds me of a princess. :) Opal's lovely and softly compliments Beatrice.

    Eleanore _____ - Eleanore is lovely. Is the 'e' on the end a family thing for you? It's going to give her huge headaches because people are familiar with Eleanor, but not Eleanore. Would you want another "gem" name in the middle? Eleanore Ruby popped into my head immediately. But other things :
    Eleanore Therese
    Eleanore Cecile
    Eleanor Fiona
    Eleanore Viola
    Eleanore Coralie
    Eleanore Sylvie
    Eleanore Blythe

    Just random thoughts, anything jump out at you?

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    Re: Frances Pearl?

    I really like Beatrice Opal. Beatrice is a family name for us too and we used it for our first daughter's middle name. I wish now that I'd used it for her first name because it's a lot more distinctive than Caroline (especially now that we live in South Carolina!) Frances Pearl is nice too but I'm casting my vote for Beatrice Opal.

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    Re: Frances Pearl?

    I LOVE Frances Pearl. What a terrific name!
    Top 10 Girls: Louisa, Helen, June, Frances, Elizabeth, Alice, Eleanor, Clara, Hazel, Sylvia
    Top 10 Boys: Henry, August, Samuel, Walter, Peter, William, Archer, Lewis, Theodore, Eliot

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    Re: Frances Pearl?

    I love both Frances Pearl and Beatrice Opal. I guess it depends on which nickname you want to use - Fran, Franny, Francie, Frankie, or France or Bea. In that case I love Frances Pearl the most because I adore the nickname Francie!

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    Re: Frances Pearl?

    Frances Pearl is beautiful!

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