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    Birdie, Hetty and Millie

    Do any of these names work for a girl? We love Birdie, but of course, are afraid of the teasing factor. Could perhaps use the name Bernadette or Bernice and use Birdie as a nn. Opinions?

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    Re: Birdie, Hetty and Millie

    They are all very cute nicknames, but I'd definitely give her a more substantial formal name.

    Birdie: This one is my favorite, but only as a nn for Bernadette, Bridget, Birgitta or a "B" first with a "D" middle (such as Beatrice Diana)

    Hetty: I don't mind Hetty, but I think I prefer Hatty. Either could be a nickname for Henrietta or Harriett.

    Millie: Millie is cute as nn for Camilla, Millicent or Matilda (though I would use Tilly for Matilda)

    My top picks
    Beatrice Diana with the nn Birdiethis I love! Sounds like an English school girl.
    Henrietta with the nn Hatty
    Camilla with the nn Milly
    Matilda with the nn Tilly

    Do you have any middle names you're already considering?

    **Just realized you already have a little Beatrice, so scratch Beatrice Diana!
    :: o l i v e ::

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    Re: Birdie, Hetty and Millie

    Birdie is a traditional nickname for Bertha, if I recall correctly, but I think she'd work for any B name. Maybe you could use it for Beatrice?
    Hetty - is definietely a Henrietta or Harriet nickname. Beatrice & Harriet would be absolutely darling as sisters and you could call Beatrice Birdie if you wanted! There's also Hester & Mehetabel/Mehitabel you could get Hetty from, possibly. I still thik Harriet is your best bet, though.

    Millie 's a favorite of mine, I have her on my list as a nickname for Pomeline but Millie could be gotten from Camilla, Millicent, Amelia, Ludmila, Mildred, Romilly & if you don't mind a huge stretch, Pamela. Yes, I've thought long and hard about Millie potential!

    I would probably start using Birdie on Beatrice, if I were you. Also, Harriet, nn Hetty, &
    Romilly or Camilla, nn Millie/Milly.

    I hope that helps, good luck!

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    Re: Birdie, Hetty and Millie

    I second (wait, I guess I actually "third") everything above! I think Birdie is darling (as a nickname only), and it's my definite favorite from your list. I'd just like to add Camille to the mix!

    Some more BD combos (great idea, Olive!), keeping in mind that you already have a Beatrice:

    Bianca Delphine
    Bianca Daphne
    Blythe Diana
    Blythe Daphne
    Blythe Daisy
    Bella Delphine
    Bella Daphne
    Bella Daisy
    Bronwyn Daphne
    Bronwyn Delilah

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    Re: Birdie, Hetty and Millie

    We really like Millie, so I can see why you like the other names, too. However, I think that you are running into the same issue we are. These are really cute nns but they kind of need a real name, too. Esp. if you do use Birdie, and esp. if (as I seem to remember one of the other poster's mentioning) your other daughter has a more formal name like Beatrice. And the full names aren't nearly as cute as the short ones! I think that for Birdie, you could name her nearly anything and just call her Birdie. It isn't really associated with any names for me. Maybe Bernice (but that isn't the prettiest name ever). I think somebody else mentioned Hester for Hetty. For Milly, we have tossed around Camilla, Millicent (don't know if I can handle that one), Melinda, or Mila (pronounce Mee-la).

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