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    HELP! Twins coming in 6 days!

    I am having b/g twins in 6 days by scheduled c-section and I am still not feeling good about the names.

    We had picked Finnian and Phoebe, and then I kept hearing about the cartoon Phinneas and Ferb and that kinda ruined the set for me.

    DH is stuck on Finnian. He loves it. I think the only other name I could probably talk him into is Noah. I love Noah, but it is sooo popular and unfortunately so is our last name.

    I love Delilah, but is it bad to name the boy after a saint and the girl after...well...not so much a saint? We are Catholic and our kids will likely go to Catholic school. We also like Lila. The other major contender for the girl spot is Rose (or a variant or elaboration of Rose). Or we could do Noah and Phoebe. I'm thinking if I give him Finnian he'll let me have free reign with the girl's name but I'm still having a tough time.

    If we stick with another F name... I only really like Felicity or Faith. I'm not totally sold on either one.

    What do you think I should do? DH is so tired of my naming drama...he just doesn't get it.

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    Re: HELP! Twins coming in 6 days!

    Hi there! I really love your choices of Finnian and Phoebe, and I'm just so disappointed about darn Phinneas and Ferb! :-( I adore your combination, so it really saddens me to agree with you on being concerned to the point of finding new names. Granted, this is just my opinion, but it would really bother me, and I wouldn't want to deal with any, "Oh! Like Phinneas and Ferb!" comments. If you don't mind those comments, should they arise, then by all means stick with the combination. But would it bother me? Yes, unfortunately.

    For some odd reason, Finnegan and Phoebe doesn't remind me of Phinneas and Ferb. I guess the similar "nia" sound of Finnian and Phinneas is solved by choosing Finnegan, as the different ending distracts my brain. What to you think? Does Finnegan solve the problem for you?

    When it comes to deciding what to do, it all depends on which name you like more, Finnian or Phoebe. If your husband absolutely refuses to give up Finnian, then I guess poor Phoebe is out the door. From what you wrote, it sounds like Finnian will be staying, which is great, because it's a wonderful name, and Finn is a darling nickname.

    I do like Noah, but I would never trade Finnian for Noah. I see that you like the names of Saints, so I'm wondering how you feel about Elias. Elias and Phoebe would be great!

    As for your little girl's name, I personally wouldn't name a baby Delilah, twin or not, because I simply can't stop associating the name with the Biblical Delilah. Plus, as you said, if you keep Finnian, you'd be naming one after a Saint, and the other, uh, not so much. :-)

    Rose is actually my favorite name in the world, so I'm behind it 100%! Finn and Rose sounds great, and Rose is a Saint, too. I adore Lila, too, but love Rose more, and while I do like Felicity and Faith, I'm not a fan of matchy twin names. (Yes, Finnian and Phoebe is matchy, but I love it too much to care!)

    If you were to keep Phoebe, some names other than Noah you may like are:

    Phoebe and Finnegan (see above)
    Phoebe and Henry
    Phoebe and Edward (nn Teddy)
    Phoebe and Elias
    Phoebe and Oliver (too cute!)
    Phoebe and Miles
    Phoebe and Milo
    Phoebe and James
    Phoebe and Charles
    Phoebe and Peter
    Phoebe and August/Augustin
    Phoebe and Leo
    Phoebe and Simon
    Phoebe and Lucas
    Phoebe and Nicholas
    Phoebe and William

    If you want to keep Finnian and aren't set on Rose or Lila, some other ideas include:

    Finnian and Genevieve (plus, she's a Saint, as are many of these names)
    Finnian and Helena
    Finnian and Lucy
    Finnian and Georgia
    Finnian and Beatrix
    Finnian and Beatrice
    Finnian and Annabelle
    Finnian and Catherine
    Finnian and Charlotte
    Finnian and Cecilia/Celia
    Finnian and Josephine (you get the "f" sound in there, like with Phoebe)
    Finnian and Emmeline
    Finnian and Evangeline
    Finnian and Delphine (f sound)
    Finnian and Daphne (f sound)
    Finnian and Sophie (f sound, but very popular)
    Finnian and Eve
    Finnian and Grace
    Finnian and Hope
    Finnian and Julia
    Finnian and Juliet
    Finnian and Kate
    Finnian and Louisa
    Finnian and Lydia
    Finnian and Mariel
    Finnian and Eleanor
    Finnian and Susannah
    Finnian and Violet
    Finnian and Clementine
    Finnian and Tess
    Finnian and Blythe
    Finnian and Claire

    Of the names you listed, Finnian and Rose is my pick, followed by Finnian and Lila. If you keep Phoebe and are still concerned which Finnian, I really do think Finnegan would be a good substitute!

    Best wishes to you! :-)

    Edited to add: I just remembered that Jennifer Lopez named her twins Max and Emme, the names of characters on Dragon Tales/Tails (I don't remember which spelling the show uses). I'm by no means a J. Lo fan, but thought I'd let you know of someone who had a similar name issue, but chose to keep the names anyway.

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    Re: HELP! Twins coming in 6 days!

    I am definitely a fan of Finnian and Rose! They just seem to fit. Finnian and Lila is another great combo. I don't like matching twin names myself, so Phoebe, Felicity, and Faith aren't names that I would choose personally. However, the fact that they're a boy/girl twin set will obviously set them apart more, so I don't mind it as much as I would with a boy/boy or girl/girl set.

    I also think Finnian and Hazel seem to fit together, as well as Finnian and Lucy. If you can talk your husband out of Finnian, I think the Phoebe and Oliver combo is wonderful! Good luck :)
    :: o l i v e ::

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    Re: HELP! Twins coming in 6 days!

    Finnian and Phoebe are too matchy for me. I love both of them as separate names, but it sounds like your husband loves Finnian, and I think that's really something to consider.
    Finnian and Iris
    Finnian and Mavis or Maeve, Maeve could be a nickname for Mavis or it could be a name on its own.
    Finnian and Gemma (Gemma is a saint's name)
    Finnian and Genevieve nn Evie, Vivi, Ginnie (Genevieve is also a saint's name)
    Finnian and Daria (another saint's name)
    Finnian and Cecily nn Cessie, Cecilia nn Celia, Cissy, Celie (Cecily and Cecilia are saint's names)
    My faves from the posts above are Finnian and Lucy and Finnian and Georgia.
    Also my faves are Finnian and Gemma, Finnian and Iris, and Finnian and Cecily nn Cessie.
    Very favorite is Finnian and Cecily. I just love the name Cecily! Both those names sound so cheerful and bouncy. Good match. Finn and Cessie. Cessie is cool like Phoebe, too.

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    Re: HELP! Twins coming in 6 days!

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