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Thread: Nancy

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    A name that I've been liking lately is Nancy. I know that a lot of people think that it's dated, but for some reason I like it (meeting a younger woman with that name awhile back also helped me get past the middle-aged image).

    What do you think of it?

    Any combo ideas? Ones that I've been considering include Nancy Amelia and Nancy Elizabeth (edited after the initial post to include the former after I thought about it).

    P.S. Something else interesting about this name: Although Nancy has yet to shake its datedness here (in the U.S.), I heard from someone that it's actually on the upswing in the U.K.

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    Re: Nancy

    Read any of the Fancy Nancy books and you'll be totally in love. :) I think Nancy is cute.

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    Re: Nancy

    My cousin's name is Nancy Amelia. O_o She's in high school. Good name!

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    Re: Nancy

    Nancy is a sweet, simple name. I grew up with a Nancy Jane, one of the kindest girls I knew. I think Nancy Amelia is quite pretty (and a little more interesting than Nancy Elizabeth). Personally I would probably opt for Nanette and use Nancy as a nickname (although I definitely think Nancy can stand on her own!).
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    Re: Nancy

    I think Nancy is very cute! I think because it is two syllables it needs to go with something longer, like Elizabeth, Margaret, Adelaide, or Alexandra.

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    Re: Nancy

    I've been thinking about this recently too. I live in Germany and in some areas here it's a semi-popular name for young women. Even apart from that I think it's pretty cute.

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    Re: Nancy

    YAY! I'm not the only one who likes Nancy (when it's not followed by Drew!)! I think it's adorable, especially with the nickname Nan. Some combos:
    Nancy Grace
    Nancy Katherine
    Nancy Willow
    Nancy Penelope
    Nancy Perris (legitimate surname)
    Nancy Eloise
    Nancy Saoirse (I really like Saoirse)

    To me, this has a lot of potential.

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    Re: Nancy

    I like Nancy. I prefer Anne on the birth certificate and Nancy for every day, but that's me. I have an Aunt Nancy (just turned 70) who has long lamented that Nancy's not very formal. So that's rubbed off a bit.

    I do like Nancy though, sweet, simple & sprightly.

    Nancy Annora
    Nancy Georgiana
    Nancy Helena
    Nancy Lorraine
    Nancy Lucille
    Nancy Philippa
    Nancy Beatrice
    Nancy Zara
    Nancy Rosalie
    Nancy Hazel
    Nancy Winifred
    Nancy Camilla
    Nancy Violet
    Nancy Genevieve
    Nancy Matilda
    Nancy Marguerite
    Nancy Elspeth
    Nancy Iris

    Trying to give Nancy something a touch more formal in the middle, to balance that casual feel I get from Nancy. Hope it helps!

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    Re: Nancy

    I hate saying that a name is not my favorite b/c if you like a name enough to ask you are certainly hoping people will like it. But to be honest, before I read the body of your note, my first thought was that it seemed like a name for an older person. What matters is that you like it though. I will say that Nancy Grace was my favorite combo.

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    Re: Nancy

    The only problem I have with Nancy Grace is that it's the name of a particularly obnoxious legal analyst who hosts her own show on CNN.

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