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    curious for opinions

    My husband and I are considering the name Raphael for our little boy due in April. It's got a strong historical meaning and it's international, which is important to both of us. What do you think of this choice? I feel it's beautiful, but am not sure if it's maybe a little corny. Also, do you have any suggestions on a middle name? Thanks!

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    Re: curious for opinions

    I think Raphael is a very creative and handsome name. I looked it up on "check out a name", and I love the nicknames Ray and Rafe. Also Raphael would be a fun name for a teenage boy and for a young man. It would age well, I think.
    Middle Names:
    Raphael Edward
    Raphael James
    Raphael Antonio
    Raphael Anselm
    Raphael Enzo
    Raphael Christo
    Raphael Henry
    Raphael George
    Raphael Duke
    Raphael Jude
    Raphael Ezekiel
    Raphael Viggo
    Raphael Zane

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    Re: curious for opinions

    Raphael? Awesome! I have the alternate spelling Rafael in my family tree, so that's what I'm using, in the middle. I just started thinking last night that maybe Rafael/Raphael should be up front!
    I think Raphael is really suave and handsome, debonair & stylish. And I like him much better than Gabriel!

    I think Raphael is balanced by a more mainstream name, but can get away with a few "not too exotic" names as well, here're some thoughts:

    Raphael Edward
    Raphael James
    Raphael George
    Raphael Hugo
    Raphael Bernard
    Raphael Thomas
    Raphael Arthur
    Raphael Frederick
    Raphael Otto
    Raphael Martin
    Raphael Ambrose
    Raphael Elias
    Raphael Graham
    Raphael Hugo
    Raphael Hugh
    Raphael William
    Raphael Xavier
    Raphael Zenon (it's a Polish name, realted to Zeus, meaning "shine" or "sky").

    Raphael is tough to pair for me, because of his rhythm, I hope I helped a bit! :D

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    Re: curious for opinions

    Raphael is beautiful; I was just thinking about it over my coffee this morning-- what a coincidence! I love its meaning-- God heals-- and his background as an archangel who performs miraculous healings. Carla Bruni, first lady of France, has a really cute song about the name (roughly translated, "Raphael has the air of an angel, but he's a devil of love..."). I love the British nickname (Rafe) and the French one (Raf). Great choice all around!

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    Re: curious for opinions

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    Re: curious for opinions

    Thanks so much for your replies. Raphael/Rafael is the first name that my husband and I have agreed on, and it's such a relief -- especially because he hates discussing names, and yet is very picky! We're still stuck on the spelling (I'm for ph, he's for f), but it's progress. It's nice to get some positive feedback.

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