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    Mixed Feelings Names

    What are names that you really love but would never bestow upon your own baby?

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    Re: Mixed Feelings Names

    Sophie, Gioia, Philippa, Drusilla (Cinderella's stepsister is Drizella), Caroline & Prudence for girls.

    Philip, Laurence, Neville, Zev, Zed, Quincy, Stephen, Yancey, Marek, Donato/Donatello, Thor, Apollo & Otto for guys.

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    Re: Mixed Feelings Names

    Too many to count! I love so many classic names like Jane and Claire, Thomas and Edward, but they just don't seem to go with our last name. We're also both artists, so I'm definitely drawn to more romantic names (although I think Jane qualifies as romantic in her own way!). Some others that I love but just don't give me that head-over-heels feeling:

    Ameliayet I love Adelia, which is a family name
    Annabeljust too much like Isabel I guess
    Anyalove the way it looks on paper, but the sound just doesn't work for me
    EsmeI really, really love this name but worry about pronunciation issues
    Inaalso a family name, but with serious teasing possibilities
    Beatricelike a lot but am in love with Beatrix (husband won't hear of it unfortunately!)
    MaeveLOTS of cool points for Maeve, but not quite feminine enough for me
    Casparhow can I love Jasper so much, but not Caspar?
    Franklinalmost a favorite...can't put my finger on what's holding me back
    JuliusI love saying Julius, but for some reason can't picture it on my own child
    Paoloa little too Italian for the U.S., I think. But it has so much energy!
    Thaddeuslove Thaddeus but hate the inevitable nn Thad
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    Re: Mixed Feelings Names

    Cecily - I think this is my very fave name, but doesn't go with my last name Chesney very well.
    Cecilia - When I think about it, I always realize I love Cecily more. Then I feel sad. But Cecilia would go with our last name and was my husband's grandmother's name. Cecilia Jane and Cecilia Pearl are so pretty!
    Cameron (for a girl) - this is so pretty, but I don't go for unisex names.
    Elaine - I love this name but it is not in style. Come back, Elaine! It will after a while.
    Honor - this is so pretty, but I think I would feel awkward if it were my own name so I wouldn't want to bestow it on someone else!
    Beatrice - love the long name, hate bees (am allergic) so hate Bea.
    Flora - rhymes with my daughter's name Laura. Ditto for all other names that sound too much like Laura including Clara which is another possible very fave name. Both Flora and Clara are family names. So is Beatrice.
    Maeve - my husband hates it. I asked him to rate it, 10 being wonderful and 1 being the very worst and he gave it a 2. I love it as a middle name.
    Lillian - My grandmother's name. Too popular. Too bad.
    Jane - Was taken by my cousin for her little girl six years before we had our daughter.
    Rebecca - Was taken by my sister for her daughter's middle name. But we got Elizabeth which I love even more!
    Emma - too popular. Love it so much, you don't even know. And it's my husband's great grandmother's name. Maybe it's not so popular in L.A.

    Archie - doesn't go with Chesney
    Kenneth - too much like Kenny Chesney
    Frank - love the name, but know someone awful whose name is Frank.
    Dashiell - don't like with last name, husband would hate it.
    August - quite sure husband would hate it.
    Nicholas - I love this name so much! First it was too popular and now it's sliding out of fashion. Love Nick, Cole, and Colin. And it's Greek. Oh, well, I think I would just use it even though it's not so stylish because it is so wonderful.

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    Re: Mixed Feelings Names

    As I've mentioned before, I dearly love the name Ernestine no matter what anyone else thinks! ;) But I have mixed feelings about it because, well, it's Ernestine. Even my grandmother isn't fond of it, and it's *her* name! I've resigned myself to using it as a middle (I don't want my daughter to hate me!). My grandmother was called "Teeny" by her siblings, and I think that's precious!

    Other names I really like but would never use (mostly because, while I think they're pretty darned cool, they're just a bit too far out for comfort) are: Zara, Easter, Sonnet and Ilse. For boys, Baptiste and Endymion.

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    There are many many names I love that I would never use for my child.
    For girls :
    Lindita : one of my favourites, it is not a nickname for Linda but an Albanian name which means The day is born. The only problem with Lindita is the face that it reminds me of a girl with black hair or even brown, my daughter is blonde though. However I still love it.
    Irma : originally a Germanic nickname for names starting with ermen- (universal in Ancient Germanic if I remember well) but it can stand as a first name.
    Evangelie : I love the French pronunciation but the same spelling is pronounced very differently in Germany
    Andromeda : I really like Ancient names, especially this one as pronounced in Greek though. My problem is again the German hard pronunciation.

    For boys :
    Valentino : I should admit that it is my favourite name. I would never use a nickname of it because I love the sound. But I can't imagine a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes named Valentino, especially in Germany.

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    Aspen- Beautiful nature name, but too sharp when you say it.
    Amber- LOVE, but very common
    Brielle- So pretty, but very close to brail
    Kendall- Love, but a little masculine , same with Mckenna, which I also like.
    Sadie- Really like it as an adult, but I remember as a kid I thought it was a horrible name.

    Cane- Love it, but Canes Bible story is terrible.
    Keith- family name and I like it, my husband doesn't like, Keith or Heath.
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    I guess only my guilty pleasure names! For boys I love but would never use: Mowgli, Haley, River, Spyro, Phoenix. And for girls: Shanti, Lilo, Rain, Arrietty and Leoni but I really do love but would never use them.
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    Esmeralda. It's SUCH a beautiful name, and Esme could be the nn! I can't get past Victor Hugo, though.

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