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    Favorites from Today's Blog

    What are your favorite names from Today's Blog?

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    lola Guest

    Re: Favorites from Today's Blog

    The blog here? It's Susannah. But I prefer Susanna. Funnily enough, my blog ( is Susanna today, too!

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    Re: Favorites from Today's Blog

    I prefer Susanna too; my cousin recently used that one, and it feels like a fresh new discovery. I don't know anyone else with the name! I also have a crush on Suzanne as I know several fabulous old French ladies who bear the name-- for me it's ripe for revival, like Evelyn.

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    Re: Favorites from Today's Blog

    I've had Suzette on the brain for a few days now... I've never heard of a dog with that name, so I think it's fair game. I think it's got a lot of spunk. It's probably not one I love enough to use on a real daughter, but theoretically I love it. And I love Suzy, so cute. I always loved Susie Q... and I'd be really tempted to make her middle initial be Q. I also love Susannah (with or without the H). Oh, and Zuzu! I didn't even realize that could be a nickname for these names, love that!
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    Re: Favorites from Today's Blog

    I like Susanna the best.

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