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    Running Low on Time! Help please!!

    We are looking for something not super common. Ona was my husbandís grandmotherís name, she passed away last month, we were close. We also have an alpaca farm, so would like a name fitting to a farm girl, but not "hick" sounding! :) Help we are due next month!!! THANKS!


    Avery Ona Augustyn

    Carly Ona Augustyn

    Katherine/kate/katie/katelyn Ona Augustyn

    Riley Ona Augustyn

    Kylie Ona Augustyn

    Elyse Ona Augustyn

    Carson Ona Augustyn

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    Re: Running Low on Time! Help please!!

    What about:

    Marleigh, Marlee, Marley
    Dixie -- I know this cane be considered "hick" but I just love the name!
    Harley, Harleigh, Harlee

    I also like Carley, Carlee, Carleigh
    Quinn Georgiana
    Hudson Levi

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    Re: Running Low on Time! Help please!!

    I think Ona is a wonderful name and a lovely tribute. Augustyn makes an interesting third.

    Avery Ona Augustyn: This is my favorite from your list. It's got a really great rhythm.

    Carly Ona Augustyn: Carly is very dated.

    Katherine/kate/katie/katelyn Ona Augustyn: I'm fine with classics Katherine and Kate, but Katie and Katelyn are also dated and more to the point, entirely too popular. In my classroom I have so many Katies, Kaylas and Katelyns it makes my head hurt.

    Riley Ona Augustyn: Riley's pretty, but I think with Ona being such a no-frills name you'd want to balance it with something more feminine.

    Kylie Ona Augustyn: Again, too popular for my tastes.

    Elyse Ona Augustyn: The double s/y combo is distracting me

    Carson Ona Augustyn: same as Riley; I think you'd be better off with something more feminine.

    Here's a few off the top of my head:

    Kendall Ona Augustyn
    Audrey Ona Augustyn
    Lily Ona Augustyn
    Lucy Ona Augustyn
    Hazel Ona Augustyn
    June Ona Augustyn

    Maybe this will spark your imagination a bit. Best of luck!

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    Re: Running Low on Time! Help please!!

    Oops! Deleted duplicate post.

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    Re: Running Low on Time! Help please!!

    My daughter has so many friends whose names start with K or a hard C: Kate, Katelynn, Kayla, Katie, Caitlin (next door), Kelly, Cristina, etc. Enough, I say. It's time to have a different sound at the beginning of girls' names. I like Melissa's name ideas (at least Kendall isn't very common) plus:
    Maisie-short for Margaret
    Mamie-nickname for Mary
    Annie-nickname for Anne, Anna, Annalise, Annika, etc.
    Ellery-nickname Ellie is getting too popular.
    Tallie-nickname for Natalie
    Vivie-nickname for Vivian or Vivienne
    Tansy-nickname for Anastasia
    Lexi or Xandie-nickname for Alexandra
    I would use the full names on the birth certificate and then call her a nickname for short.
    Ona is pretty and it's great to honor your husband's grandmother!

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    Re: Running Low on Time! Help please!!

    Avery Ona Augustyn: I like this combination...

    Carly Ona Augustyn: Carly is too dated (very 1980's) for me...

    Katherine/kate/katie/katelyn Ona Augustyn: I think someone already wrote this, but while I love Katherine and Catherine, the others are just too overused for my taste.

    Riley Ona Augustyn: Riley doesn't have that farmey feel you're going for, but it does flow nicely.

    Kylie Ona Augustyn: Kylie is too trendy for me.

    Elyse Ona Augustyn: I do like Elise a lot, but the trendy Elyse spelling changes the elegance of the name.

    Carson Ona Augustyn: I'm not a fan of this one!

    Is Augustyn a family name? I actually think "August" would actually sound better with all of your names. :-)

    Some more "country" ideas for you:

    Adelaide Ona Augustyn (I actually think Adelaide Ona August sounds great!)
    Clementine Ona Augustyn/August
    Frances Ona Augustyn/August
    Harper Ona Augustyn/August
    Lily Ona Augustyn/August
    Laurel Ona Augustyn/August
    Nell Ona Augustyn/August
    Clover Ona Augustyn/August
    Poppy Ona Augustyn/August
    Mabel Ona Augustyn/August
    Susannah Ona Augustyn/August
    Tess Ona Augustyn/August
    Willa Ona Augustyn/August
    Gracie Ona Augustyn/August
    Mirabelle Ona Augustyn/August
    Annabelle Ona Augustyn/August
    Sadie Ona Augustyn/August
    Cassandra Ona Augustyn/August (nn Cassie)
    Polly Ona Augustyn/August
    Ivy Ona Augustyn/August
    Miriam Ona Augustyn/August
    Winifred Ona Augustyn/August (nn Winnie)
    Belle Ona Augustyn/August
    Ruby Ona Augustyn/August
    Matilda Ona Augustyn/August (nn Tillie)
    Celeste Ona Augustyn/August
    Pearl Ona Augustyn/August
    Delia Ona Augustyn/August
    Violet Ona Augustyn/August
    Mae Ona Augustyn/August
    Mariel Ona Augustyn/August

    Best wishes to you!

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    Re: Running Low on Time! Help please!!

    Thanks so much for the help! I agree, we need a "girly" name to go with this combination. We have to keep's our last name!
    I don't know why we are having so much trouble with this, I thought for sure we'd have a name by now!
    Any other suggestions welcome!

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    Re: Running Low on Time! Help please!!

    Maeve Ona Augustyn
    Paige Ona Augustyn-I think Paige is feminine enough.
    Mabel Ona Augustyn
    Coral Ona Augustyn
    Pearl Ona Augustyn
    Tamsin Ona Augustyn
    Rose Ona Augustyn-this is so pretty! Rose is unusual as a first name, and it goes so nicely with the other two names. Rose Augustyn! I also love Rosemary nn Rose, Rosie, Romy Oma Augustyn! If I were you, I would choose the name Rose. Rose and August from Augustyn sound so sunny and very tranquil and beautiful like a summer garden. Ona makes it even happier!
    Elspeth (nn Ellie) Ona Augustyn is pretty, too!
    A lot of the names in the posts listed above are so nice. You have a lot of choices. Make a list of your favorites for us, and then we'll know how to go from there.

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    Running Low on Time! Help please!!

    Thanks Susan, I'm still lost, but here are some thoughts:
    I was actually thinking about Rose today! I hadn't thought of the "summer" connection.
    Mabel was one of my original names before we decided on Ona, but I was afraid the two together sounded too old-fashioned.
    I like Lexi (Alexandra)
    However, I prefer names that don't end in 'a' too many vowel sounds with 'a' into 'Ona' or 'a' into Augustyn.
    Rory is okay. Lillian is good, but she would be called Lilly and that is so popular right now.
    What about Grace Ona? Grace was an original fav, but then I noticed it was getting so common, I think most people like it as a middle name better though.
    I really appreciate everyone's help, I did not know this would be so hard!
    Luckily in the field I teach I have all boys so at least I don't have to worry about that conflict, however with the alpaca farm I have to be careful not to name her after one of them! So far the only ones that I can think of that we own with "people" sounding names are Zoey, Sienna, Aly, Willow & those names are not available. :)

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    Re: Running Low on Time! Help please!!

    Grace would be a fine choice. Grace Augustyn sounds really pretty. I'm still loving Rose. Also Claire would be pretty, but it is popular. Jane Augustyn is pretty, too. So is Hope Augustyn. I like a simple and feminine first name to bring out the beauty of your last name. For me a trendy name kind of kills your last name. (Insert a trendy name here) Augustyn-don't like it. Augustyn sounds more old and rustic with a short classic first name.

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