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    Updated Twin Sets - what do you think?

    Thanks again for all the suggestions on my previous post - your input is VERY appreciated!
    Here are my frontrunners right now:

    If it's two boys: Joseph Alvin & Andrew Dale (Joe and Drew)
    If it's a girl and a boy: Joseph Dale & Evelyn Josephine (Joe and Evie)
    If it's two girls: Josephine Kate & Eleanore Paige (Josie and Ellie)

    I'm still kind of "iffie" on the middle name choices... the ones used are to honor various family members/friends, but some combinations don't seem quite right.
    Anyway, those will likely change a bit, but what do you think of the names in general?

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    Re: Updated Twin Sets - what do you think?

    Congratulations on your babies. I think its lovely that you are honoring your family with the middle names. However, with twin boys, when I first saw Alvin and Dale, I immediately thought "chipmunks." You said you thought the middle names weren't quite fitting - maybe you could do a variant of the honorees names, like:

    Albert (Albie) or Alfred (Alfie) for Alvin and
    David or Daniel or Vail for Dale

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    Re: Updated Twin Sets - what do you think?

    I especially love your gg set gorgeous :)

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    Re: Updated Twin Sets - what do you think?

    I too thought chipmunk when reading Alvin & Dale (I'm a cartoon fan) But I really like the pairing of Joseph & Andrew. I have 40 something cousins with those names (really, the older is Andrew Joseph, the younger is Joseph Andrew, Drew & Joe, Andrew Joseph was my Gagi's name) But I do think they're really lovely together. And they'll age beautifully.

    Your G/G set is totally lovely. I must say I'm thrilled to see another Josephine (mine will be 5 in May). What a great name! Kate is a fine middle name for Josephine and Eleanore Paige is pretty as well. They feel similar but are not alike. Perfect for twins (says she with twin boys, Leo & Simon). I'm a *huge* fan of similar but not matchy.

    What I do have a problem with is your B/G set. Joseph Dale is fine, as is Josephine Kate, in and of themselves. Together though, they're the same. Masculine & Feminine of each other. I'd twin up Andrew Dale & Josephine Kate, much less matchy/twinny and equally lovely. Plus, I prefer Andrew Dale to Joseph Alvin at least as far as first/middles go and don't quite "get" the switch of Joseph Alvin for Joseph Dale. Andrew Dale & Josephine Kate would be fabulous!

    Did I metion how absolutely jazzed I am to see Josephine on your list? I have an almost 5 year old Josephine, get nothing but compliments on her name and have yet to meet one under 70! How's that for "not blending in with the masses"? I named mine in honor of an Aunt and have completley fallen in love with her name. I can sing it, it lends itself to about a half a dozen pretty nicknames Let's see, from birth: Posy/Posie, Fifi, Poppy, Effie, Josie, JoRo (her middle name is a rose-variant) and Jojo; which is really a boy's nickname to me, I have a 36 year old cousin Joseph (yes, yet another, the name is rampant within my family) has always gone by Jojo, to distinguish him from the other 11 in the family. And still, my Josephine stands alone in that crowd too. It's just fabulous. All the way around!

    okay, /gush.

    Fabulous choices, one and all but I'd rethink that B/G pair a bit.

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    Re: Updated Twin Sets - what do you think?

    I like Josephine and Evelyn for gg actually, but thats jmo. i love josephine!
    Favorite girl names: Estella, Marielle, Carys, Doutzen, Mireille, Edith, Saskia, Eve, Sienna, Cosima, Winnie, Delphine, Meredith, Sylvie, Sloane

    Favorite boy names: Otto, Owen, Aaron, Daniel, Henry, Adam, Seth, Abram/Bram, Johan, Johannes, Sven, George, Adlai, Adam

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    Re: Updated Twin Sets - what do you think?

    Eew, please don't use Evelyn, It's so old lady. I'm 16 and I would feel so bad for a poor baby living with a name like Evelyn in 2009 and beyond.

    Choose a different name for the love of your unborn child. Like I have suggested before why not try Avelyn, or Ivelyn, way less embarrassingly antiqued.

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    Re: Updated Twin Sets - what do you think?

    Navi, not be be argumentative or anything, Have you listened around you? Not disparaging, but teenagers are the most self centered people on earth. (I've been one, and have dealt with two of my own already, I know where I'm coming from!) It's not a bad thing, bt it makes a teen miss the big picture. Evelyn, which you call "so old lady, eww" is in the top 100 already and has been since 2002. It's ranked 55 already and poised to go higher still. So much for old lady, ewww. at #55, that's 4,989 little girls a year. You know, Emily was considered an "old lady" name too, about 20 years ago. And it's been #1 for what, 11 years now? So it's really a case of "what goes around, comes around". :D

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    I love Joseph and Evelyn! Joseph is my brothers name and im naming my daughter (due in June) Evelyn

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    Re: Updated Twin Sets - what do you think?

    If it's two boys: Joseph Alvin & Andrew Dale (Joe and Drew) - love, and I really love the unusual name Alvin!
    If it's a girl and a boy: Joseph Dale & Evelyn Josephine (Joe and Evie) - love, and I really love Evelyn. It's time has come. Not old lady anymore! I would happily consider naming my own daughter Evelyn if I were to have another daughter (which isn't going to happen because I am getting a bit too old for that!). Dale is a cute middle name, too.
    If it's two girls: Josephine Kate & Eleanore Paige (Josie and Ellie) love both of these! I love the middle name Kate more than the middle name Paige. I prefer Jane. Eleanor Jane.

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