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Thread: P names

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    P names

    P names are really starting to grow on me-

    Poppy (this would be a nickname for one of the others)
    Penelope *fave of the moment

    What's the rule for middle names? I usually just go through my list of top names and add one I think sounds good in the middle. But the combos I read here seem heaven sent. What's your secret?!

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    Re: P names

    Phillipa: I like this name, as well as the nickname, Pippa.
    Philomena/Philomene: Not a fan of this name...
    Prudence: An awful name to give a little girl, as she'll certainly be teased about being a "prude." As a middle name, it's okay, but I'd never use it as a first name.
    Poppy (this would be a nickname for one of the others): Darling!
    Penelope: A beautiful name, and you could certainly call her "Poppy!"

    I like Phoebe, too.

    As for middle names, it's about the flow and rhythm of the syllables, as well as using names from the same genres. I'm sure you create lovely combinations. :-)

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    Re: P names

    I love P names, too! They are not so common and often so cute!
    Phillipa-Love! love Pippa, too.
    Philomena/Philomene-sorry, I don't like it.
    Prudence-Now that Pam and Jill mentioned prude, I only like it for a middle.
    Poppy (this would be a nickname for one of the others)-You have made my day! Poppy would make such a great name for Penelope and I didn't like Nell and Penny that much. Now I can name my pretend daughter Penelope while I fall asleep at night and call her Poppy. The only way I seem to be able to fall asleep is to think of first names with middle names. I don't want to take sleeping pills. Sometimes it takes me a long time to go to sleep. So I will think of Poppy! Thank you!
    Penelope *fave of the moment. -Me, too!

    I would need to know your last name to really figure out a good first/middle name combo.
    Penelope Jane would be cute.
    Penelope Iris-both are Greek
    Philippa Jane- sounds so British! But Philippa is Greek, too.
    I wouldn't put Phillipa and Hope together-too much "p" sound.
    Philippa Mae
    If a first name ends in a vowel like Penelope or Philippa, I usually put a consonant at the beginning of the middle name. Or if it's a short vowel I start the middle name with a long vowel. For example:
    Philippa Jane- first name ends in a vowel, middle starts with a consonant.
    Philippa Eve- first name ends in a short "a" vowel, middle starts with a long "e".
    Philippa Ann- to my ear, this isn't as good because Ann starts with a short "a" sound so the end of Philippa slurs into it. But Penelope Ann works nicely. Penelope Eve slurs. You have to say eee and then pause awkwardly and then say eee again.
    But that is just my taste, not everyone's and I know that I sound obsessed. I am! It's true.

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