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    lola Guest

    Create A Family (CAF) Initials!

    the initials, you supply the names to fit. Have fun!

    DH: JL
    DW: LJ
    DD: PI
    DD/DD: EA/CP
    DS: RW
    DD/DS: ML/BR

    Mine will follow. Have fun! :D

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    lola Guest

    Re: Create A Family (CAF) Initials!

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    Re: Create A Family (CAF) Initials!

    Looks fun!
    DH: JL -Jules Lodovico
    DW: LJ -Laudomia June
    DD: PI Philippa Iris
    DD/DD: EA/CP -Eleanora Alice and Contessina Pearl
    DS: RW -Rodrigo Wayne
    DS:CA -Claudio Alfred
    DD/DS: ML/BR -Margherita Lilac and Benedicto Roy
    Cat:ST -Salvestro Terrence
    Many of the above names are from my new list Medici Names. The Medici family was a very wealthy family in Italy who were patrons of the arts during the Renaissance. To look up the Medici list, look up the name Ippolito on "check out a name" and scroll down to click on my list. It's lots of fun! Doesn't Ippolito sound like hippo? And check out the name it comes from. It really sounds like hippo!

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    Re: Create A Family (CAF) Initials!

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    lola Guest

    Re: Create A Family (CAF) Initials!

    I wanna try again!

    DH: John Lysander
    DW: Laura Joanna
    DD: Petra Iris
    DD/DD: Edith Anne/Clara Penelope
    DS: Robert Walter
    DS:Charles Anthony
    DD/DS: Mary Laurel/Benjamin Richard
    Cat:Saul Ttimothy

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    Re: Create A Family (CAF) Initials!

    DH: James Lincoln
    DW: Lulette Jenness
    DD: Pomeline Ivy nn Poppy
    DD/DD: Eliza Appoline/Cordelia Pearl
    DS: Rex Walter
    DS: Crispin Alexander
    DD/DS: Margot Lane/Benjamin Rokeby
    Cat: Suzette Tallulah
    Proud mama to two sweet boys:

    Dashiell David Rowe
    Flynn William Warfield

    "Real babies are more difficult than ideas of babies... Or even pictures of babies."
    -James Franco

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    Re: Create A Family (CAF) Initials!

    DH: JL: Joseph Leo
    DW: LJ: Louisa Jane
    DD: PI: Phoebe Isabel
    DD/DD: EA/CP: Eleanor Alice/Celia Poppy
    DS: RW: Robert William
    DS:CA: Charles August
    DD/DS: ML/BR: Mae Louisa
    Cat: Sophie Tess

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    Re: Create A Family (CAF) Initials!

    Quinn Georgiana
    Hudson Levi

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    Re: Create A Family (CAF) Initials!

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