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    Old lady names that are growing on me

    Lately I've been drawn to:


    Think any of these are ready for a comeback?
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    Re: Old lady names that are growing on me

    Ah, yes, I do love old lady names.

    Dorothy-- I like this one. If I could meet a really cute Dorothy who would give me something to think of instead of ruby slippers, I'd be sold.

    Eudora caught my eye on Susan's Effie list. (And for me it has personal meaning-- I used to live down the street from Eudora Welty!)

    Elsa-- pretty, but I like Ilsa better.

    Margery-- I know someone who just named her baby Margery, but all I hear is "margarine."

    Francine--too cute. Strikes me as sassy and fun. Francie as a nn is to die for. :)

    Philippa-- kind of stuffy for my tastes, but lends itself to fun nicknames like Pippa

    Sylvia-- much prefer the French Sylvie; it's dainty and sweet.

    As for comebacks, I say bring it!

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    Re: Old lady names that are growing on me

    I think they're all ready for a come back!! I like them all

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    Re: Old lady names that are growing on me

    Dorothy is a family name so I've been thinking of the Dora/Dorothy/Eudora names. Too funny about Margeryit *does* sound like Margarine, doesn't it!?
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    Re: Old lady names that are growing on me

    I love old lady names! Strong, beautiful, pretty and I can picture them on any age, since most of those old ladies were once babies too. I lilke the really, really old ladies myself, Maud being my favorite of them all.

    Dorothy - I prefer Dorothea but think Dorothy's ready for a comeback too. She's more spritely than elegant but prettty too!

    Eudora - I like the U sound, so Eudora's a winner for me, even though I generally dislike -Dora- I have a 4 year old and I'm surrounded by Dora the explorer stuff. Funny too, Pandora's on my list and it's got the Dora sound, so I buried it in the middle.

    Elsa - Love, love, love Elsa! I think she's sweet and gentle. The fact that I have a dear friend with the name is not what made me love it. I just do.

    Margery - is on my own lists. I love her sweetly gentle feel and her medieval tone. I'd nickname mine Daisy. So, yes, I utterly adore Margery.

    Francine - is too "Arthur" for me. But then my kid watches the cartoon. I agree Francie is gorgeous but I'd rather see Frances or Francesca. Francine feels very 70 year old lady to me, aybe because I know three in their 70's. Not fresh enough for me, Francine.

    Philippa - I adore Philippa! I think she's beautiful and upbeat. And Pippa's cute as long as she stays out of Sweden (where's it's nasty slang). If I had a Philippa, she'd be Philippa in full most of the time, I love saying it!

    Sylvia - Too draggy, heavy and slow for me. I prefer sprightly Sylvie, which is a full name in her own right. Sadly, most of my fellow Americans don't see it that way. Sylvia's okay but I'm not nearly as fond of her as I am the others on this list. Sorry.

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    Re: Old lady names that are growing on me

    Dorothy- I'm really warming up to this one, but not for my child

    Eudora- Not a fan of the "eu" part, but do like Dora, which is actually a family name. With Cora regaining favor, I can only assume that Dora will follow.

    Elsa- I knew a lovely Elsa growing up, and do like this name as an alternative to Ella. I associate it with the Sound of Music, but as it's my favorite movie (yes, I'm a dork), that's not a bad thing.

    Margery- This name has always made me think of margerine, although I think the French version is pretty.

    Francine- Not a a fan of the "ine" sound, which feels and sounds dated to me. (I love Frances and Francesca, though!)

    Philippa- I really like Philippa, as well as it's nickname, Pippa.

    Sylvia- Hands down, my least favorite name. I'm not sure if it's because I think of saliva when I hear it, or because I don't like the "ilv" sound (probably a combo), but I really dislike this name.

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    Re: Old lady names that are growing on me

    I LOVE the name Elsa! I think it would be so adorable for a little girl. Very pretty!

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    Re: Old lady names that are growing on me

    I love Margery but spelled Marjorie or Marjory. At least this spelling with the j instead of g takes away the visual resemblance to margarine.

    I've been really drawn to Eugenia lately.

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    Re: Old lady names that are growing on me

    I'm a pretty cute Dorothy, if I do say so myself! I was named after my grandmother and love my name. I do get an occasional Wizard of Oz reference but not super frequently. I've gone by Dot, Dar and D over the years but I use Dorothy when referring to myself. I think it also depends on the pronunciation. I don't like Door-othy, I prefer Dar-athy, which is a more east coast pronuciation.

    Eudora - not my style really
    Elsa - love Elsa!
    Margery - super cute. I like the Majorie spelling better though.
    Francine - I like Francesca better
    Philippa - Yes! Madeleine L'Engle has a protagonist named Philippa who goes by Flip in one of her books
    Sylvia - Very pretty, almost ethereal

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