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    Girl name long list, honest opinions please!

    Hello! DH and I need help narrowing down our girl list. We like way too many names!

    Here it is:

    Fiona, Beatrix, Scarlett, Hazel, Etta, Eloise, Mila, Matilda, Agnes, Violet, Georgia, Daphne, Coraline, Cora, Phoebe, Isla

    WDYT? Likes and dislike? Any suggestions?


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    Re: Girl name long list, honest opinions please!

    Fiona-- like it, but will she be forever associated with Shrek?
    Beatrix-- very cute, trendiness on the horizon?
    Scarlett-- love it, absolutely
    Hazel-- a personal favorite
    Etta-- feels insubstantial, should be a nn for something
    Eloise-- love it
    Mila-- does nothing for me
    Matilda-- okay, but I can't get excited about it
    Agnes-- I like it a lot, but I don't know how well it would go over on the playground
    Violet-- also revving its way towards trendiness, I think
    Georgia-- pretty
    Daphne-- very pretty, uncommon without being strange
    Coraline-- she'll spend her life explaining that no, it's not Caroline
    Cora-- pretty
    Phoebe-- does nothing for me
    Isla-- I like it

    From your list, my favorites are Hazel, Eloise and Isla. Least faves are Coraline, Phoebe and Mila.

    As for suggestions, you seem to lean towards a classic, pretty style: what to you think of Harriet/Hattie? I encountered an absolutely precious little girl named Hattie this weekend, and I am just swept away by the name.

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    Re: Girl name long list, honest opinions please!

    Oooh! I love your names!

    Fiona: A lovely name

    Beatrix: I actually love Beatrix more than I do Beatrice, as that "X" is so unique and stylish. Beatrix has the class of Beatrice, but with an added bit of pep. (I do worry about people mistaking Beatrix for Beatrice, though, making this a middle name option for me.)

    Scarlett: I love Scarlett, but for me, it's more of a middle name, only because when I think of nicknames, the only thing that comes to mind is "Scar."

    Hazel: I'm not a fan...

    Etta: A nice alternative to Ella, although it doesn't hold a candle to the other names on your list in terms of sound or style. I'd also worry about the whole, "No! Etta, not Ella!" issue.

    Eloise: I LOVE Eloise! It's elegant-yet-energetic, sophisticated-yet-fun, etc.

    Mila: I do like Mila. It's quite exotic and feminine, but at the same time, you just know there will be pronunciation issues. ("No! It's Mee-luh, not 'Mill-luh!")

    Matilda: Matlida is a lovely name, but I prefer Fiona, Beatrix, and Eloise.

    Agnes: While I like the sound of Agnes in French (On-yez), I'm not a fan of the English pronunciation. It sounds dull and frumpy to me, in stark contrast to the vibrant, feminine names on your list.

    Violet: I'm a huge fan of Violet, but would probably use it as a middle name (but that's just me!).

    Georgia: I adore Georgia, and the little Georgia I know is the sweetest little thing in the world. I also think Georgiana is gorgous.

    Daphne: Daphne is just a beautiful name, although one I'd personally keep as a middle name, because I'd hate for anyone to call Daphne "Daffy."

    Coraline: Completely associated with the book and movie, I do think people will understand it's pronunciation. That said, I still think it will often be confused with Caroline. What about Cora or Cordelia?

    Cora: Oh! You do have Cora on your list! :-) Yea! I'm a huge fan of Cora, as for me, it combines the elegance, class, and sweetness.

    Phoebe: While I do love Phoebe, I've completely ruined the name for myself, as every time I see it in print, the word "phobia" comes to mind. This, of course, is a shame, as it's a truly stunning name.

    Isla: A beautiful name in danger of becoming trendy...

    With the exception of Agnes, Hazel, and Etta, I think the names on your list are wonderful choices. My favorites are:


    My least favorites:

    Some of my favorite combinations:

    Fiona Scarlett
    Fiona Beatrix
    Fiona Violet
    Fiona Coraline

    Beatrix Eloise
    Beatrix Hazel
    Beatrix Coraline

    Scarlett Eloise

    Hazel Beatrix
    Hazel Matilda

    Etta Beatrix
    Etta Scarlett
    Etta Violet
    Etta Coraline

    Agnes Isla

    Coraline Scarlett
    Coraline Hazel

    Violet Eloise

    Eloise Violet
    Eloise Beatrix
    Eloise Hazel

    Georgia Beatrix
    Georgia Scarlett (I love this one!)
    Georgia Hazel
    Georgia Violet
    Georgia Daphne

    Cora Beatrix
    Cora Violet
    Cora Scarlett
    Cora Daphne

    Daphne Beatrix
    Daphne Scarlett (This is pretty!)
    Daphne Hazel
    Daphne Coraline
    Daphne Matilda

    Phoebe Scarlett
    Phoebe Hazel
    Phoebe Coraline
    Phoebe Violet
    Phoebe Matilda

    Isla Beatrix
    Isla Scarlett
    Isla Coraline
    Isla Daphne

    Matlida Beatrix
    Matlida Scarlett
    Matilda Hazel
    Matilda Coraline
    Matilda Violet

    Mila Beatrix
    Mila Scarlett
    Mila Coraline
    Mila Violet
    Mila Daphne

    You certainly don't need any suggestions, but I can't resist! :-) What about:

    Best wishes to you!

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    Re: Girl name long list, honest opinions please!

    These are all great, you really can't go wrong with any of them. But here's my two cents :)

    Fionacute, but not my favorite
    BeatrixLOVE Beatrix, strikes a balance between old-fashioned and sassy
    Scarlettlike but don't love
    Hazellove the "z" sound, a sweet little name
    Ettaagree that it's better as a nn
    Eloise-A personal favorite! It's so trim and feminine, and I just love saying it.
    Milaalso seems like a nn
    Matildadefinitely in the clunky but cool category (a tad too clunky for me personally though)
    Agnessee above
    VioletViolet was one of my favorites for awhile, but I could see it being in the top 20 in five years or so (if that doesn't bother you then go for it, it's a lovely name)
    GeorgiaA girly girl with attitudea great choice!
    DaphneI like Daphne but I LOVE Delphine
    CoralineA great name, one of my favorites, but with the new movie coming out I'd be worried about that association
    CoraLove Cora!
    PhoebeDoesn't do much for me (and I still associate it with "Friends")
    IslaVery nice! I love the exotic feel
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    Re: Girl name long list, honest opinions please!

    I'm thrilled to see Agnes on your list! I love both Agnes and Agatha, but probably mostly because they are "forbidden fruit" to me (my last name starts with Wag...). I know that they are still pretty clunky, but Agnes feels charming and intelligent to me!

    All of your names are great - my favorites are Agnes, Hazel, Georgia, and Matilda.
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    Re: Girl name long list, honest opinions please!

    i absolutely love your list! i wouldn't be able to choose either!

    Fiona- sweet and spunky and surprisingly underused. love it!
    Beatrix- one of my favorites! love the nickname Trixie, everything about this name is fantastic. it's classy and fun!
    Scarlett- another one of my VERY favorites! i would hug you if you named your baby this, i'll never be able to use it but i soooo want to!
    Hazel- also on my list! i'm sure you'd get a lot of people saying they didn't like it, but there's just something about it... it's old fashioned, but cool, at least to me. i think it's that Z
    Etta- i like it, but not nearly as much as many of your other choices.... how about using it as a nn for Scarlett?
    Eloise- i just can't get into this one, don't know why.
    Mila- i don't like this one
    Matilda- so cute
    Agnes- sort of the same feel as Hazel, but I don't like it quite as much.
    Violet- great name, i'd be worried about it's popularity though
    Georgia- love it, but prefer Georgiana
    Daphne- love this too... same feel as Fiona, but I don't like it as much. Really cute though
    Coraline- super cute, but have you seen the movie? she has to correct people all the time, and I'm sure that's what would happen in real life... shame though, because I think Coraline has a much prettier sound than Caroline
    Cora- i'd use this (or Cordelia, as someone else said) over Coraline.
    Phoebe- This goes in the same category as Daphne and Fiona for me. Sweet and spunky.
    Isla- another one I'd be afraid is getting too popular... i'm not a big fan
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    Re: Girl name long list, honest opinions please!

    Fiona-we know a girl named Fiona, such a cute name
    Beatrix-very cute, but I have a hunch it will get really popular.
    Scarlett-so pretty
    Hazel-I think that eventually this will sound very dated. But it is cute.
    Etta-do not like
    Mila-feel neutral about it. Like Mia better but Mia is so popular. Also love Mirabella nn Miri and Mira (Mirror-ah) Actually I super duper love Mirabella!
    Matilda-love it, but I think it will get trendy. If you love it, go for it! great nns: Mattie, Tillie, and Tilda. I would definitely consider Matilda.
    Agnes-depends on where you live. If you live in a super cool area like Manhattan or someplace similar, you could name your baby Agnes. Don't do it in a more conservative area or she might be teased.
    Violet-beautiful, will get popular.
    Georgia-I love this. I don't think it will get to the top 10, but you never know.
    Daphne-so lovely!
    Coraline-this is unique and pretty.
    Isla-I kind of like it.

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