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Thread: Heads or Tails?

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    Heads or Tails?

    What are some odd ways parents choose baby names? I know my uncle's name was chosen by my grandparents literally picking it out of a hat. What about when you can't decide between two names? Flip a coin? Consult a magic eight ball? Skim through a magazine and choose whatever word your finger lands on? We'd love to hear your stories!

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    I was joking with my husband one evening about how weird it would be if named all of our kids by opening the Bible to a random page and using the first name we found. I grabbed a Bible to demonstrate, expecting to get a bizarre, hard-to-pronounce name, but ended up with the name Silas instead. I had never even considered the name before, but it has become one of my favorites. He also likes the name, so who knows, we may end up using it after all.

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