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    Our Fave Styles of Names and Why

    What's your favorite style of names? Classic, vintage, word, contemporary, unisex, hipster, occupation, or names that end in "en"? Have you always loved that style? Or did you used to love different kinds of names? Tell us about it...

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    Re: Our Fave Styles of Names and Why

    I've always loved the names from the 20's. Those Jazzy babes! I could happily name from the top 20 of 1921! I like the solid feel of them and the flirty nicknames too.

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    Re: Our Fave Styles of Names and Why

    For girls, I like old-fashioned Southern names, the kind that belong to sweet white-haired ladies who wear polka dot cotton dresses: Hazel, Louise, Evelyn, India, Lucille, Corinne, Edith. (I didn't even realize it until I put them together here, but all of these names belong to my great aunts. Whoa!)

    For boys, I like strong names with a poetic feel and (I've just now realized) literary connections: Atticus, Dashiell, Zane, Warren, Auden, Truman.

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    Re: Our Fave Styles of Names and Why

    I've always loved classic names. Always. My fist memorable dolls were Anne and Katherine, and I was only three when I named them!

    I have absolutely no idea why classic names (for me, classic included vintage and Biblical) appeal to me so much, but I was born with an aversion to trendy names.

    My favorites include:

    Annabelle (and Anne)- I love Anne of Green Gables, and this name has the Anne, with the "able" sound reminding me of "Gables"
    Sophie- My great-aunt's name, and I'd like to use the name in her memory
    Emmeline- A character in Anne of Green Gables
    Genevieve- I first heard it when I was little and watching "Who's the Boss?" A guest character was named Genevieve, and I loved the name
    Charlotte-My best friend's name, and a name I've always loved
    Julia-My name is derived from Julia, and I've always loved Julia
    Celia- Was my great-aunt's name
    Grace- I've always loved this name
    Josephine- I first heard it in Little Women, and thought it was beautiful
    Louisa- I grew up with a Louisa, and loved her name
    Lydia- My preschool teacher's name, and I remember I thought it was the coolest name in the world!
    Rose- My favorite name
    Tess- I loved Melanie Griffith's character in Working Girl
    Eliza- From My Fair Lady, I associate it with Audrey Hepburn
    Vivienne- Angelina stole it from my list! :-)

    Edward- A family name
    Henry- After my grandfather
    Oliver- I just love it!
    Nathaniel- Family name
    Harrison- Grew up with a really cool Harrison
    Gideon- Love it for a middle name
    Benjamin- Family name
    Charles- Loved Charles Ingalls on Little House
    William- I've always loved this name
    August- I actually started loving this last week :-)
    Ezra- Love this for a middle name
    Theodore- Love it for no reason!

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    Re: Our Fave Styles of Names and Why

    I'm like Jill-I love classic names. When I used to play Barbies with my sister, I would often call my doll Sally. There are some trendy names I really like, but not for my children. I do love vintage names and also unusual saints' names. Of course many of the saints' names are classic. A couple of unusual saints' names I love are Genevieve and Sebastian. I love Vincent, but would probably never use it. I enjoy helping someone who has completely different name taste than me to think of names. It makes me feel empathetic with them and stretches my brain. Kind of like doing a crossword puzzle.

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    Re: Our Fave Styles of Names and Why

    Classic is definitely my style. But I have many others, so I'll list some a favorite from each category & why I like it.

    ADAM- I like this one mainly because it is an Ad- name. Also it's a biblical name. Big plus.
    LEVI- I love two-syllable boy's names. Another biblical name!
    JAMES- family name, ends in S. Also classic with nickname JAY.
    MILES- family name, ends in S. Semi-classic (it wasn't that popular) with nickname MILO.
    FRED- I don't know why I love Fred so much! Look at the letters that make it up on your keyboard- they are in order, counter-clockwise, in a neat little square. Luckily for me, not many will bring it back yet, so popularity is not an issue (as it is with James and Adam). Frederick takes most of the fun out of it.

    CECILY- Dainty, sweet, and has an Oscar Wilde pedigree!
    JANE- One of those 'feminized' names that I love, as in Cecily. I also love JOSEPHINE.
    ADELINE- family name, begins with 'Ad'. It rolls off your tongue so easily! And it has the nickname Addie. How can I not like Madeline but love Adeline?

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    Re: Our Fave Styles of Names and Why

    I gave one of my daughters the name Emily--in 1975, long before it was popular. My other daughter is Jennifer. I liked the name but so did half of the population in 1975! lol Other names I like--

    For girls:
    Ilse (spelled "Ilsa" as the character in "Casablanca")
    Lenore (Edgar Allan Poe poem title)

    For boys:

    From the looks of it I seem to like classic. Or vintage.

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    Re: Our Fave Styles of Names and Why

    I love nature/outdoorsy names. To me they feel breezy, fresh, and environmentally friendly :)
    For boys I love: River, Finn, West, and Kai
    For girls I love: (I can't help but love the flowers!) Violet, Daisy, Magnolia, and Zinnia. Aquinnah, Juniper, Ivy, and Marina are really cool too!

    I honor of Valentine's day: I love Romantic Names. They're best when they conjure up beauty, nights, and haunted love stories.
    For girls I love: Anastasia, Angelica, Cecilia, Estella, Francesca, Rose, Scarlett, Juliet and even Sonnet.
    For boys I love: Asher, Edward, Henry, Roman, Sebastian and why not...Romeo!

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    names for boys: Chester, Newell, Archie, Clyde, Gordon, Robert.

    Pretty and strong names for girls: Cordelia, Araminta, Helen, Ghislaine, Desdemona.

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