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    baby names to go with Ruby Natalie...

    I just love Ruby's name and am afraid we won't find a name I love just as much for this baby. We just are having a difficult time coming up with something. Please suggest boy and girl names that you think will fit well with Ruby :-) Thanks!!

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    Re: baby names to go with Ruby Natalie...

    Well, that sounds like a fun task- I love Ruby Natalie! Since you came up with that delightful name, it won't be hard to think of something else that is similar. You must be very creative.


    Stella Caroline -this would be good if your last name doesn't have any "l's".
    Luna Jocelyn -same as above.
    Scarlett Imogen
    Georgia Madeleine
    Daisy Evelyn
    Vera Amandine


    Auden Oliver
    Jasper Clive
    Edwin Augustine
    Dashiell Julian
    Felix Adrian

    You can mix and match the above names to your liking. It's not too hard to think of more. First think of a fun, stylish kicky first name. Then think of a classic or vintage name for the middle that's more quiet and stately. With the exception of Clive, I made the middle names have three syllables.

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    Re: baby names to go with Ruby Natalie...

    Wow, you are really good - thanks for your suggestions. I've actually have thought about Stella and Daisy - both old fashioned (which I love) and pretty :-) Now you've got me thinking of them even more. love the boy suggestions too.

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