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    frilly girl combos

    my ideas for girls right now. what do you think? feel free to mix them up.

    Lulette Cordelia Pearl- my absolute favorite for a girl right now, sounds like a princess to me
    Lulette Eleanora Pearl- love this too, more grounded and less fancy
    Appoline Eleanora Bliss- nn would be Polly and occasionally Apple
    Appoline Cecilia Ruth
    Appoline Viola Ruth
    Viola Ruth Appoline
    Cecilia Tilley Rose
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    Re: frilly girl combos

    Lulette Cordelia Pearl - I love the princessy feel of this one! Luluette doesn't thrill me But I respect that it means much to you and do think the Lulu potential is adorable.

    Lulette Eleanora Pearl- Eleanora is a bit more grounding but I prefer the feel of Cordelia Pearl much more.

    Appoline Eleanora Bliss - Polly's cute, Apple, a bit less so. Dislike Bliss here, seems a bit of nothing, if that makes any sense. Bliss feels like Honey to me and Bliss seems even a bit airy-er.

    Appoline Cecilia Ruth - Now this I like! Appoline is lovely and Cecilia Ruth grounds her very nicely. Really gogeous, this one!

    Appoline Viola Ruth - I adore Appoline Viola but Ruth feels a bit stilted next to her. Maybe seperating them? Not Viola Ruth Appoline but maybe Viola Appoline Ruth?

    Cecilia Tilley Rose - Liking Tilley here. :) Cecilia Tilley Rose is pretty and sweet. I like it very much!

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    Re: frilly girl combos

    Lulette Cordelia Pearl- I really like this and both Cordelia and Pearl have ocean meanings. Love Lulu.
    Lulette Eleanora Pearl- like the first one more.
    Appoline Eleanora Bliss-
    Appoline Cecilia Ruth-love the Cecilia Ruth part so much!
    Appoline Viola Ruth-Viola Ruth part is so pretty!
    Viola Ruth Appoline-see above.
    Cecilia Tilley Rose-very, very wonderful!

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    Re: frilly girl combos

    Lulette Cordelia Pearl- Love this, definitely a keeper. And Lula as a nn is adorable.
    Lulette Eleanora Pearl- I love Eleanora Pearl on its own, but I prefer your first Lulette combo
    Appoline Eleanora Bliss- Much prefer the one below
    Appoline Cecilia Ruth-Appoline is growing on me, especially with this combo. All of these are very strong namesnice!
    Appoline Viola Ruth-Least favorite of the Appoline combos
    Viola Ruth Appoline-Viola is as sweet as can be, but not sure this flows as well as some of the others
    Cecilia Tilley Rose-Fabulous :)
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    Re: frilly girl combos

    Lulette Cordelia Pearl- I love Cordelia, but "Lulette" is too far out there for me. I do like it as a middle name, though. The flow is fantastic! Cordelia Tilley Rose and Cordelia Appeline Rose sound lovely to me.
    Lulette Eleanora Pearl- I love Eleanora! Eleanora Tilley Rose gets my vote!
    Appoline Eleanora Bliss- Not a fan of Bliss, but the nickname Polly is darling!
    Appoline Cecilia Ruth- Ruth seems out of place here, as it isn't as whimsical as the other names
    Appoline Viola Ruth--Viola is a great name!
    Viola Ruth Appoline--I love Viola...Viola Tilley Rose sounds gorgeous!
    Cecilia Tilley Rose--This is beautiful in every way!

    I'm really loving the "Tilley-Rose" combination in the middle!

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