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    lola Guest

    Re: Yeah! New forum!

    Thanks unoriginal, nice to see the sterotype doesn't cross the pond !

    Interesting, Melissa. I'm a northeastern chick, Mid-Atlantic to New England. While I dream of warm temps I doubt I'll ever move that far south. Of course, the kids go everywhere. Leo's in Hawaii right now, Simon's in Cambodia, I think. So it's just me being a bit odd. What would you think if a 15 yearold Jemima plopped down in your neighborhood, say? Which might be likely.

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    Re: Yeah! New forum!

    In my little city the name Jemima would be so cool. It would also be very cool in Pasadena and Altadena which is north of Pasadena. It would also work in Sierra Madre-maybe. But in any other community around here, all people would think of would be syrup. You'd have to go over to the Westside to find people who would love Jemima. But I think Jemima's time will come again in the bland suburbs. Lola, you are good at thinking of wonderful names on the edge of cool. I like that.

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    Re: Yeah! New forum!

    Lola, you know what's weird? If a 15-year-old Jemima showed up in my class from elsewhere in the world, I'd be fine with it. (She'd probably get a lot of crap from her classmates, though.) The idea of an infant named Jemima just feels strange to me. I can't even articulate why. I do like the name, though; it's so very crisp and British.

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    Re: Yeah! New forum!

    Edgar: respectable and studiousadorable on a little guy, and equally attractive as an adult

    Remy: completely dashing (I really love this name, though I had an Italian instructor in college named Remy so I'm sure that has something to do with it!)

    Winifred: Winifred seems like one of those perfect names as far as fitting in/standing out. And so many wonderful options for nicknames.

    Jemima: I love saying this name, though I'm not sure I would use it for my own daughter. I generally don't gravitate to "J" names.
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    lola Guest

    Re: Yeah! New forum!

    Thanks Susan. I've loved Jemima for a long time and have waffled over using it for a good number of years. I do think her time is coming, I cannot be the only person thinking like this.. the odds of that are rather staggering! :)

    Melissa, thanks for that. I do thin it's at the stage now where it might be weird in certian places. If I'm staying here in New England, I think I'll be okay with Jemima. Boston's full of oddball names, Jemima'd fit right in, here.

    Olivegreen, thanks! Remy's so dashing, he enchants me! Edgar's handsome and surrounded by Brasilians as I am in this town, I think he'd fit right in! Funny, I love the look of Jemima as well as her sound. Completely enchanted, I am. Winifred's a family name for me, she's an aunt. Living, so I may not be able to use it but she's in AZ and I'm way over here in MA, I don't think the crossover would be too bad. The auntie goes by Winnie, occasionally. So would mine.

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