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    Need boy name to go with Jenna

    Just found out we are blessed with a son. His sister's name is Jenna. I tend to like classic names but it seems so many boy's names are over-used! What boy's name goes with Jenna? I am thinking about Jack. Is that too cutesy with Jenna? Middle name will be Timothy. Please help!

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    Re: Need boy name to go with Jenna

    Congratulations! I think Jack is a bit too cutesy with sister Jenna. Some random thoughts:

    Philip Timothy
    Edward timothy
    George Timothy
    Stephen Timothy
    Peter Timothy
    Laurence Timothy
    Neil Timothy
    Robert Timothy
    Miles Timothy
    Malcolm Timothhy
    Frederick Timothy
    Vincent Timothy
    Bernard Timothy
    David Timothy
    Henry Timothy
    John Timothy nn Jack might appeal to you. John in full sounds a bit better next to Jenna.
    Warren Timothy
    Oliver Timothy

    okay, running dry here. Hope that helps!

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    Re: Need boy name to go with Jenna

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    Re: Need boy name to go with Jenna

    Thank you both so much for your advice and the names! I like a lot of them, some are out because of family members that have the same name...I am still so drawn to Jack :( and so is hubby, but I too think it a bit cutesy with Jenna...I guess I will have to just keep pondering it for a while.

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