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    Help: Which are your favorites?

    Here are a "few" :) names my husband and I are looking at for our boy/girl due very soon:

    Adeline - (add-ah-leen), nn would be either Addie or Lena
    Beatrice - family name with cute nn Bea
    Ramona - has a cute, unique feel to me
    Charlotte - I'm not so much in love with this name, but I like the nn Charley
    Cordelia - nn Delia, like that it means "daughter of the sea" but I'm not so sure about it
    Eleanora - love this! This is a family name, has a few good nn, Ellie, Nora, and Lena
    Emmeline - (emma-leen) I think this is really pretty, but I don't want nn to be Emma
    Estella - not sure about this one
    Frances - I really just like the nn Frankie
    Georgia - I think this is a great "old-fashioned" name that's very usable
    Hazel - I change my mind every day about this one, today I like it :)
    Hattie - I think it's really a cute new nickname-ish name that's not too common
    Iris - another name that I change my mind on every day
    Helena - a family name, nn would be Lena or Nell, I really think this is a gorgeous name
    Josephine - also a family name, nn Josie, another one I think is very pretty
    Eloise - one my mother brought up, nn Lulu, another cute, unique name
    Scarlett - nn Lettie
    Olive - worried that this name is too out of the box, I like it better as a middle name
    Rubie - antoher one of my favorites, I think it's gorgeous
    Vivienne - I love this name, but I'm worried it's too copycat of Brad and Angelina

    For boys, I've narrowed it down to a few:

    Alfred - love the nn Alfie or Fred, do you think it will still work on a school aged child?
    Frank - really cute nn Frankie, I like this one a lot
    Joe - simple, yet somehow very cute to me... is it too plain
    George - cute nn Georgie, but would mean that girls name Georgia would be out :(
    Charlie - I like this, but I'm afraid it's getting too popular
    Henry - a family name, I think its really cute, but again, I'm afraid its getting too popular
    Dexter - cute nn Dex, I really like this one

    Sorry about all the wordiness - I really need to narrow these down, any help would be great!

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    Re: Help: Which are your favorites?

    I love all of them! You and I have the same taste!

    Adeline - might have problems with pronunciation, I've only ever heard Ada-line. Other than that it's adorable.
    Beatrice - love it
    Ramona - don't know why, but I don't like it
    Charlotte - I love Charlotte, but not Charley. Plus, this seems too popular considering your other choices
    Cordelia - love!
    Eleanora - love this! nn Nora is what I would use, so great!
    Emmeline - Again, seems too popular for you, too much like Emily
    Estella - not my favorite
    Frances - Too plain for me, but I love the nn Frankie, too, you could get it from Francesca
    Georgia - very sweet
    Hazel - LOVE! So underused and funky but sweet! This is on my short list!
    Hattie - I'd only use it as a nn for Henrietta or Harriet
    Iris - not my favorite, it's nice, but a little trendy.
    Helena - very nice
    Josephine - beautiful
    Eloise - never thought of the nn Lulu for this, how cute!
    Sadie- really cute, but nicknamey
    Scarlett - I LOVE Scarlett, but not nn Lettie
    Olive - I love this, definitely not out of the box considering the popularity of Olivia. But it would be great in the middle.
    Rubie - I'd only spell it Ruby, not one of my favorites
    Vivienne - Brad and Angelina don't own this name! It's not obscure enough for you to be copying them. I don't really like it though, I don't know why.

    For boys, I've narrowed it down to a few:

    Alfred - I almost named my baby this (as of a few days ago this was going to be his name). Everyone seemed to want to call him Al, which I hate. So we gave it up. If you don't mind Al, I think it's a great name. But be prepared for people to say "you're naming him what?"
    Frank - so cute!
    Joe- well it is plain, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for a boy. Its classic.
    George - I love this one! So classic and cool! If my husband didn't hate it, it'd be really high on my list
    Charlie - definitely popular, but still great. Would you use Charles?
    Henry - love it!
    Dexter - so cool. I picture the coolest, quirky kid, I just love it!
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    Re: Help: Which are your favorites?

    Adeline -I pronounce this (add-uh-line). Don't like it that much. It's okay.
    Beatrice -I think this is going to get popular, but it is lovely.
    Ramona - I really like this name.
    Charlotte - Charlotte is so pretty!
    Cordelia - I love it so much. Love the meaning. It was my grandmother's middle name.
    Eleanora - Love this, love the nn's. But Ellie is getting really popular. Go with Nora. Is Lena short for Eleanora?
    Emmeline - Do not like. Seems like a clone of Emily which I like better.
    Estella - Love Estella nn Stella.
    Frances - In love with Frances nn Francie. Frankie's nice, too.
    Georgia - Very lovely. nn Georgie.
    Hazel - Do not like at all. Sorry!
    Hattie - Don't like, but some of us posters like Harriet, Henrietta nn Hattie.
    Iris - Love this, careful, it is on the hipster hot list.
    Helena - I am neutral on this, but I love Lena.
    Josephine - Gorgeous! nn Josie.
    Eloise - Love it! Love Lulu.
    Sadie-Do not like. A very common pet name.
    Scarlett - nn Lettie. Cute.
    Olive - I think this is eventually going to get popular. I don't know about you, but I personally wouldn't want to be named after an olive. Seems too incidental.
    Rubie - I think it's gorgeous. I love it spelled Ruby.
    Vivienne - I love this name, too, nn Vivi. Don't worry about Brangelina. You can always spell it Vivian, too.
    My faves are Beatrice, Vivienne, Eloise, Josephine, Frances, Estella, Georgia, and Eleanora. Favorite of these are Vivienne nn Vivi and Estella nn Stella. Very favorite is Vivienne.

    For boys, I've narrowed it down to a few:

    Alfred - I like Alfie better than Fred, but Fred's time is coming. Do you live in a name cutting-edge area? Alfie would fit in better there. If you live in the heartland or a suburban equivalent, it might be hard on little Alfie when he's playing sports. But if you love Alfie, pick that. We named our son Peter 23 years ago and we lived in a suburban area that might as well have been in the heartland even though we were pretty near downtown L.A. Nobody else was named Peter, but he was fine. He played sports, too. One lady even told me she didn't like his name. She was rude! I should have told her I didn't care for her name. Or her ugly fingernails, fake, too long, and too bright.
    Frank - Love Frank. Because I love Frank Lloyd Wright houses. That's the main reason!
    Joe - Love it as a nickname for Joseph.
    George - Love George. Gotta choose one or the other. Except one set of grandparents in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina.
    Charlie - I like this, but I'm afraid it's getting too popular. I love it as a nn for Charles. If you really love a name in a super duper way, it doesn't matter if it's popular unless it's in the top ten. Then I would try to avoid it.
    Henry - Love it.
    Dexter - I really like this one. But it isn't as classic as some of your other choices. Might sound dated by the time he's in his 20's or 30's.
    My fave is Alfred, because it's vintage and not too common. I also love Henry like crazy, but he is very popular. I can't help it-I love, love Dexter. I might choose him even though he might get trendy because he is soooo cute!

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    Re: Help: Which are your favorites?

    Adeline - I would have pronounced it Ada-line, not leen. I prefer the nicknames over the actual name
    Beatrice - Great name, not to mention its family ties for you
    Ramona - Very quirky and offbeat. I loved the Ramona books as a child, and while it's not my style, it would be nice to see on a little girl
    Charlotte - I adore Charlotte, but not the nickname Charley
    Cordelia - I love Cordelia. Classic, sweet, and elegant. Delia is a great nickname, as is Cora (one of my favorites!)
    Eleanora - A beautiful name with beautiful nicknames
    Emmeline - Emmeline is one of my favorite names, but pronunciation issues may arise, as is the case with Adeline. I, for example, have always pronounced it Emma-line, not leen
    Estella - Not my style
    Frances - Frankie is a darling nickname. Personally, I prefer Francesca over Frances.
    Georgia - I love Georgia (and Georgiana). It's classic, elegant, strong, and feminine
    Hazel - I'm still one who considers it an old lady name
    Hattie - I knew a Hattie growing up, and she really loved her name. (Her full name was Harriette, which she despised.) It's too nicknamey for me, but that's just me!
    Iris - A beautiful name
    Helena - One of my favorites, too, but beware of pronunciation issues. I know a Hel-len-uh, a Hel-lee-nuh, and a Hel-lay-nuh, all spelled Helena! I prefer the Hel-len-uh pronunciation, and this is how I pronounce it when I see it.
    Josephine - Another favorite of mine, plus for lucky you, it has family associations and meaning
    Eloise - Eloise is such a great name, and I love Lulu!
    Sadie- Too nicknamey for me
    Scarlett - I'm a fan of Scarlett, but not of Lettie
    Olive - I'm not a fan of Olive (my mind goes straight to Olive Oyl)
    Rubie - I prefer Ruby, but not a fan of the name
    Vivienne - I love this name, too, and Brangelina doesn't own it. I loved this name far before they bestowed it upon their baby, and I know I'm not alone!

    Here are some combinations (first and middle) with the names you've listed (*= favorites)

    Adeline Ruby
    Adeline Frances
    Adeline Iris
    Adeline Eloise
    Adeline Scarlett*

    Beatrice Eleanora*
    Beatrice Josephine

    Ramona Beatrice (although these are the sister's names in the Ramona books)*
    Ramona Charlotte*
    Ramona Frances
    Ramona Scarlett*
    Ramona Ruby*

    Charlotte Adeline
    Charlotte Cordelia
    Charlotte Eleanora*
    Charlotte Emmeline*
    Charlotte Frances
    Charlotte Josephine*

    Cordelia Charlotte*
    Cordelia Beatrice
    Cordelia Frances*
    Cordelia Josephine*
    Cordelia Scarlett*

    (I'll throw in Cora, too)

    Cora Beatrice*
    Cora Charlotte
    Cora Frances
    Cora Francesca*
    Cora Josephine*
    Cora Scarlett*

    Eleanora Beatrice*
    Eleanora Charlotte*
    Eleanora Frances*
    Eleanora Francesca*
    Eleanora Josephine*
    Eleanora Scarlett*

    Emmeline Charlotte
    Emmeline Frances
    Emmeline Hazel
    Emmeline Iris
    Emmeline Scarlett*
    Emmeline Ruby*

    Frances Ramona
    Frances Cordelia
    Frances Emmeline
    Frances Jospehine*
    Frances Eleanora*
    Frances Vivienne

    Francesca Vivienne*
    Francesca Ruby*
    Francesca Eleanora*

    Georgia Charlotte*
    Georgia Frances*
    Georgia Scarlett*
    Georgia Ruby*
    Georgia Beatrice

    Georgiana Scarlett*
    Georgiana Francesca

    Hazel Adeline*
    Hazel Ramona
    Hazel Emmeline
    Hazel Frances
    Hazel Josephine*

    Iris Adeline*
    Iris Eleanora*
    Iris Emmeline
    Iris Josephine
    Iris Eloise

    Hattie Beatrice
    Hattie Ramona*
    Hattie Charlotte
    Hattie Eleanora
    Hattie Emmeline
    Hattie Josephine*
    Hattie Scarlett

    Josephine Eleanora*
    Josephine Adeline (just kidding) :-)
    Josephine Beatrice
    Josephine Hazel*
    Josephine Iris*
    Josephine Eloise
    Josephine Scarlett*
    Josephine Olive
    Josephine Ruby*

    Eloise Adeline
    Eloise Ramona
    Eloise Frances
    Eloise Hazel
    Eloise Iris
    Eloise Ruby*

    Sadie Adeline*
    Sadie Beatrice
    Sadie Ramona*
    Sadie Charlotte*
    Sadie Cordelia
    Sadie Eleanora
    Sadie Emmeline
    Sadie Frances
    Sadie Iris
    Sadie Josephine*
    Sadie Eloise*
    Sadie Scarlett
    Sadie Olive*

    Scarlett Eleanora*
    Scarlett Adeline
    Scarlett Ramona*
    Scarlett Emmeline
    Scarlett Frances/Francesca
    Scarlett Josephine*
    Scarlett Eloise
    Scarlett Vivienne

    Olive Adeline*
    Olive Beatrice
    Olive Ramona
    Olive Eleanora
    Olive Emmeline
    Olive Josephine (icky initials, though...)

    Ruby Adeline*
    Ruby Ramona*
    Ruby Charlotte
    Ruby Cordelia
    Ruby Eleanora*
    Ruby Emmeline
    Ruby Frances
    Ruby Georgia/Georgiana
    Ruby Josephine*
    Ruby Eloise*

    Vivienne Ramona
    Vivienne Charlotte
    Vivienne Eleanora*
    Vivienne Emmeline
    Vivienne Frances/Francesca
    Vivienne Eloise*
    Vivienne Scarlett*

    Alfred - This name is really growing on me
    Frank - When I hear Frankie, I now think of a little girl, and I guess Frank just isn't for me
    Joe - Joe alone is too nicknamey for me, but Joseph (nn Joe) is great
    George - I like George
    Charlie - Charlie alone is a nickname, but Charles is a timeless classic
    Henry - I love, love, love Henry!
    Dexter - A great name

    Of the boy's names you've listed, Henry and Charles are my favorites. I love Henry Alfred and Dexter Charles.

    Others you may like:

    My overall favorites are: Eleanora Josephine, Eleanora Beatrice, and Eleanora Scarlett.

    Best wishes to you!

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    Re: Help: Which are your favorites?

    You have such an interesting mix of vintagey names and quirky names!

    Adeline - (add-ah-leen) I think that this will be misprounced
    Beatrice - I really like this name, so pretty.
    Ramona - This is so great and quirky. I like Ramon and Dexter togeather.
    Charlotte - Charlotte is very classic. But I noticed that you also have Charlie for a boy, maybe you should just stick with Charles nn Charlie and save your girls pick for something you love more.
    Cordelia - I don't care for this for some reason - though I think Delia is cute
    Eleanora - lots of cute nn
    Emmeline - (emma-leen) She'll probably be called Emma or Em. I love how vintage country it sounds.
    Estella - Sounds like a grumpy old lady to me, but how about just Stella?
    Frances - Cute!!
    Georgia - You're right this is flat out great.
    Hazel - This is another great vintage country name. I'm going to try to talk my husband into it, I think it is really sweet.
    Hattie - This is a pub here in my town, and I can't get that image out of my head!!
    Iris - pretty
    Helena - also prettty, I like the nn Nell
    Josephine - SO pretty and classic, and Josie is too cute.
    Eloise - this is really beautiful.
    Sadie - I like this and it is not heard too often.
    Scarlett - too O'Hara to me.
    Olive - this would be a really cute mn! Hazel Olive, Beatrice Olive, Josephine Olive
    Rubie - not one of my faves
    Vivienne - I wouldn't worry about the famous baby, that'll kind of leave everybodies minds. And it is a beautiful name.

    For boys, I've narrowed it down to a few:

    Alfred - This might work . . .
    Frank -
    Joe - Nope, I don't think it is too plain at all, love it. Would the full name be Joseph?
    George - I like Georgia better though!
    Charlie - It might be getting more popular, but there still aren't tons of them around, I think. Also, I love it and think that if you do too you should go for it! There is a reason a lot of your names are classics - because they are really great.
    Henry - ditto charlie
    Dexter - quirky and cool!

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    Re: Help: Which are your favorites?

    I went to school with an Emmeline whose nn was Emmy. Could also spell it Emme.

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