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    Jameerah Needs a middle name

    Ok so I posted a topic before with help for a first name. Played around with a couple names and came up with Jameerah which is Indian for beautiful one. I like and so does he. Now we have to come up with a middle name he likes aleicia not to be confused with alecia. There is a different pronunciation. Im not too fond of aleicia though. I was told to play around with it as long as the name begins with an A.

    Let's see.....
    Jameerah Arielle
    Jameerah Aleicia
    Jameerah Aigner
    Jamerrah Amani (really don't like)
    Jameerah Alexandria
    Jameerah Aiyden
    Jameerah Aneice
    Jameerah Akila
    Jameerah idk..... thats were the help is needed. Please, please, please..... I need help!!!!

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    Re: Jameerah Needs a middle name

    Jameerah is a beautiful name!

    Jameerah Arielle--This is nice...
    Jameerah Aleicia--I'm not a fan of the "lice" sound
    Jameerah Aigner--Very exotic and flows well
    Jamerrah Amani (really don't like)--I don't, either!
    Jameerah Alexandria--Very nice combination....
    Jameerah Aiyden--Nah
    Jameerah Aneice--Do you mean "Anais?" I'm not liking this one...
    Jameerah Akila --Flows very nicely
    Jameerah idk.....

    You asked for help, and I'll do my best to come up with some exotic combinations that may appeal to you:

    Jameerah Amabel
    Jameerah Amoret
    Jameerah Abrial
    Jameerah Amethyst
    Jameerah Amara
    Jameerah Amaya
    Jameerah Alessia
    Jameerah Amalia
    Jameerah Ambrosia
    Jameerah Azaria
    Jameerah Azalea
    Jameerah Angelica
    Jameerah Ayla
    Jameerah Anya
    Jameerah Anina
    Jameerah Amica
    Jameerah Amandine

    You'll find the perfect name for your baby, so no worries! :-)

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    Re: Jameerah Needs a middle name

    I thought of some more exotic Jameerah combinations for you:

    Jameerah Allura
    Jameerah Adalia
    Jameerah Alaina
    Jameerah Aliana
    Jameerah Aleeza
    Jameerah Alanis
    Jameerah Adamina
    Jameerah Adora
    Jameerah Amaryllis
    Jameerah Atlantis
    Jameerah Avalon
    Jameerah Averill
    Jameerah Aviva

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    Re: Jameerah Needs a middle name

    Hi again! Yep! Another post from me!I was thinking of more exotic A names for you while I was cooking dinner earlier, and thought I'd post them. I'm a classic names person who's venturing out of her comfort zone, but I hope you may like a few of these suggestions!

    Jameerah Adalina
    Jameerah Aveline
    Jameerah Amalina (I think I already mentioned Amalia)
    Jameerah Astrid
    Jameerah Astra
    Jameerah Aurelina
    Jameerah Abriana
    Jameerah Ariana
    Jameerah Aubriana
    Jameerah Audriana
    Jameerah Aviana
    Jameerah Annora
    Jameerah Arissa
    Jameerah Ayelet
    Jameerah Ananda

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    Re: Jameerah Needs a middle name

    I think that Jameerah Avital is beautiful, as is Jameerah Amaya, Jameerah Akila is nice too... I think it just matters on what goes best with your last name. Jameerah is a great choice :)
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    Re: Jameerah Needs a middle name

    What about Amyra?

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