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    Re: Sister for Eleanor and Liam

    I think we were posting at the same time! Here are thoughts on your other suggestions:

    Marin (Mah-RIN) not so feminine -- lived in SF, and might move there again so not sure I can name for a place we might be living
    Mavis nn Maeve Celtic -- taken by family (they're a cool bunch, I tell you)
    Maud on the hipster list -- eh
    Ruth -- ALSO taken by family (these Irish make it hard with all the procreation - they had picked Eleanor for her twin but changed to Evelyn when we beat them out by a couple of months)
    Rachel nn Rae -- L problem
    Esther -- not sure why, but not doing anything, and I have friends I like named Esther
    Simone, Simona -- thought of this but likewise not a fave
    Clara nn Clare this is one of my most favorite names. -- taken AGAIN (BOTH versions)
    Honor-I think this would be great! -- nah, but along that line I had considered Constance (nn Connie) but not a fan of Prudence and some of the other Puritan names
    Hollis -- last name ends in "us" so this sounds a bit strange

    Thanks for your dedication to the future of my child! Just going through these lists is helping me focus and get some perspective. I'm always happy to hear more ideas.

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    Re: Sister for Eleanor and Liam

    Okay, the only names ( besides the ones listed above) that I can think of are Aurora nn Rory, Samantha nn Sam, Willow nn Will, Danielle nn Danni and Patricia nn Pat. I don't really like any of these, except for Aurora and maybe Samantha. Which one of your rules do you care about most? I keep finding beautiful names to go with Eleanor and Liam, but they either end in with an a, don't have a unisex nn, or just aren't your style. I understand, everyone wants to give their baby the perfect name (and you did so wonderfully with your first two) but it is driving me crazy because I can't find a name that follow all your rules :( I feel like I am letting you down, I truly do want to help!

    Btw, if you like Sabine, it's a great mn option. And I love Josephine nn Jo and Charlotte nn Charlie is cute too.

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    Re: Sister for Eleanor and Liam

    Okay, the time has come to get out my special name book. Pam and Linda's books are just as good or better, and the Nameberry website is amazing. But when you're desperate, it's good to look at more than one source. I look at my little book a lot because next to every name entry there are five girl sibling names and five boy sibling names. Of course you should always have Pam and Linda's books within easy reach, too! Forgive me if I repeat a name from an above post:
    Amelia nn Mia, Milly (Mia is very popular like Ellie, though.)
    Madeleine nn Maddie-I like this spelling of Madeleine. (Very popular but not as much as Mia.)
    Anwen nn Annie- I really like this a lot. Easy to spell, very Celtic.
    Esmerelda nn Esme
    Annaliese nn Annie
    Adeline nn Addie
    Minerva nn Minnie
    Alexandra nn Zandy-cute
    Anastasia nn Tansy-this is darling
    Avalon nn Ava (but Ava is so popular!)
    Dominique nn Nicki
    Camilla nn Cammie
    Sylvia nn Sylvie - Did I already say this one? I love it so much!
    Franceska nn Francie-no Kurt Cobain here.
    Theodora, Theodosia, nn Teddie
    Andrea nn Andie this is pretty.
    Penelope nn Penny-I love Penelope.
    Angelica nn Angie
    Celeste, Celestine nn Celia
    Audra nn Audrey
    Adelaide nn Addie, no on Heidi-dated.
    Cordelia, Cornelia nn Corrie
    Desiree nn Desi-saw this character in a Hallmark movie.
    Theresa nn Tessa, Tessie
    Victoria nn Tory
    Geneva nn Ginny
    Adrienne, Adrianna nn Addie
    Jaqueline nn Jackie I really like this. Because I love Jackie O!
    Mattea, Matilda nn Mattie
    Cecilia nn Cissy, Cessie, Celie
    Vivian, Viviana nn Vivi
    Gabriella nn Gabi
    Raffaella nn Raffie
    Regina nn Regi (dated?)
    Now I can't think of anymore, but give me time! I really love Alexandra nn Zandie, Mattea nn Mattie, Adeline nn Addie, Anastasia nn Tansy (my fave!) and Andrea nn Andie.

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    Re: Sister for Eleanor and Liam

    I love Abigail! I think its beautiful! Its funny My son's name is Liam! He's 3 and expecting a sister!

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