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Thread: India?

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    lola Guest


    Usable as a middle or not? Think anyone'd really be bothered by it? i have two combos with India as a middle and I love them like crazy, but am I nuts?
    Here're the combos, you tell me:
    Maud India Scarlett (My #1 right now)
    Clementine India Maud (my #4 right now)
    And while I'm at it, Would anyone want to review the Clementine combo? She's pretty new.

    So, what do you think?


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    Re: India?

    Hi Lola,

    First of all, I'm so happy to see Maud again! I'm not bothered by India, and if it doesn't bother you, that's all that matters! For me, India doesn't "fit" with Maud and Scarlett (they're classic for me, while India is totally exotica), but it does flow very nicely.

    I definitely prefer the flow of Maud India Scarlett over Clementine India Maud (the repetitive "n" sounds in Clementine and India don't work for me, and don't "go" together). For me, there's no comparison between the combinations.

    That said, I LOVE Clementine, and it goes so nicely with Josephine. (Maud's still my pick, though.) What about Clementine Scarlett Maud? Scarlett Clementine Maud?

    India is totally useable as a middle name, but for me, just not with Clemetine.

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    Re: India?

    Maud India Scarlett
    Clementine India Maud

    Well, normally I don't like India. Depending on the parents, it sounds to me either like Yuppie, try-too-hard, wannabe exotic OR kinda trashy. However, I do think it works with more down-to-earth names, they kind of balance it out for me. I think Maud really provides that balance in these combos, so India doesn't bother me here. I'm wondering why you're worried that it'll bother people, though... doesn't seem like you like it all that much.

    I love the Clementine India Maud combo, much more than Maud India Scarlett, actually. That's probably because I like longer names first. Overall, I think both combinations are good, but I don't love either of them nearly as much as some of your others!
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    Re: India?

    Love India. Looooooooooove it, have for ages and ages. I think it's interesting how the name elicits such different reactions from people; for me, it's a very sweet, old-fashioned name, a la India Wilkes in Gone With the Wind and Joanne Woodward's character in Mr. and Mrs. Bridge.

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    Re: India?

    I love Clementine India Maud. I love the nn Cleo, I love how grounded Maud makes India and Clementine in this combo. And I love Clementine with Josephine.

    It's one of my new favorites of your combos!!

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    Re: India?

    Maud India Scarlett (My #1 right now)so pretty!
    Clementine India Maud (my #4 right now)tangerine and India together! Lovely!

    India is so pretty!
    My fave is Maud India Scarlett.
    But I want to play around with India. Hope you don't mind!
    India Saffron Maud-I can smell the beautiful spices
    Maud India Jacaranda-love this, but a lot of "d" sounds
    India Primrose Jane-Brits Abroad
    Now I want to play around with Clementine!
    Clementine Caruso Swirl a merry-go-round!
    Clementine Azalea Maud-reminds me of a garden
    Clementine Maud Theodosia-definitely from the South
    Okay, Maud's turn:
    Maud Azalea Pearl-swirly and beautiful flowers
    Maud Amandine Pearl-I think this is my favorite!
    Maud Frederica Lunette-little moon!

    Now I will make up my own super long name:
    Annika Iris Fern Chesney- I don't know how pretty this is, but these are some of my very favorite names all together. I love Fern because it sounds a lot like my maiden name.

    I never thought I would meet so many name nuts as all you posters. It's heavenly! We are like those people in "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" who are making mountains with their forks out of mashed potatoes.

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    lola Guest

    Re: India?

    Susan, I wish you lived down the street from me! :D You're awesome!

    Thanks, Maud is easily My #1 combo at the moment, I just love her evocative feel. And I absolutely love Maud! Maud Amandine Pearl is quite lovely, Funnily enough, I had a combo with Amandine in it a good while ago: Vashti Amandine Faye. She's too exotic for me, but oh so pretty!

    Thank you all! Clementine India Maud is mow my #2 combo (although Maud & Clementine flip occasaionally.

    No, I really do like India. it's her colonial ties that make me wary of her up front. But some people object to India on principle. Not me, I just wanted a larger than my blog sample of opinions is all. :)

    Again, thanks to all of you!

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    peach Guest

    Re: India?

    Maud India Scarlett is a fabulous combination. I like India in the middle for sure. I agree the flow with the Clementine combo is not as right. But I do like Clementine as well.

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    Re: India?

    Lola, this has nothing to do with India, but I was wondering if you read the guest blog I wrote for today's Nameberry blog on National Park names. I'd love to hear what you think! And what other posters think, too. And what do you think of the name Acadia? I love it so much.

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    Re: India?

    Susan, I for one absolutely loved your blog! You are really talented and seem like such a neat, wonderful, classy lady. Congrats on the great blog, and I would love to read more from you! (no offense to Pam and Linda, you guys are amazing too!)

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