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Thread: My twin babies

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    My twin babies

    Hi everyone , I'm going to have twins (a boy and a girl ) after a month . But i'm kind of worried about the names.I really like Delilah for a girl but does it go with Roe (for middle name) . And for the baby boy i'm thinking of Dylan but aren't there too many D's and L's. So if there is on your mind plese let me know (like some middle names for Dylan).
    Thank you !

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    Re: My twin babies

    Delilah Roe is lovely, I think. Delilah and Dylan are all right as a pair, but not very exciting. How about Dashiell instead? You've still got the Ds and Ls, but with Dashiell they're a bit more spread out. Dash and Lila as nicknames... I like it!

    I have no doubt the rest of the cavalry will appear shortly with lists and lists of mn possibilities for Dylan. ;)

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    Re: My twin babies

    Congratulations on being pregnant with twins! A lot of us posters love Delilah nn Lila. I looked up Roe on "Check Out a Name". It is a nickname for Rowena. Is Roe a special family name or surname?
    Out of curiosity, I looked up Dylan on the website babynamewizard. I looked at the NameMapper Section and found that Dylan peaked in the U.S. in the state of South Dakota in 2001. According to "Check Out a Name", it is still in the top 30 in most states, but your son would probably meet other Dylans in his class.
    The names Delilah and Dylan don't really go together for me. Delilah is avant-garde (I think I spelled that wrong-sorry) and Dylan is so in it's on its way out. I think it would be good to keep Delilah and try to figure out a boy's name that goes well with it. All of us posters will be happy to help because Delilah is so popular with us.
    I just looked up Delilah on "Check Out a Name". It is on the hot list called "Names All Your Friends Will Think Are Cool." There are some great boys' names on that list including Finn, Hudson, Dashiell, and Donovan. You might want to check it out. You could look on the Hipster list, too. Hope this helps!

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    Re: My twin babies

    Oh I love love love Delilah! It will most likely be the name of my baby girl....Delilah Susanne Eleanore. Delilah Roe is lovely, but I am sorry to say I'm not loving Dylan with her. With Delilah being such a feminine name, wouldn't it be awful if people had to wonder if Dylan was a boy or a girl? Here are some boy names I like with Delilah:

    Maxwell nn Max
    August or Augustus nn Gus
    Griffin nn Finn
    Finnian nn Finn
    Phineaus nn Finn
    Matthias nn Matt
    Julius or Julian
    Milo or Miles nn Milo
    Benjamin nn Ben
    John or Jackson nn Jack
    Vincent nn Vince
    Theodore nn Theo
    Leonard or Leopold nn Leo
    Elijah or Elias nn Eli
    Gabriel nn Gabe (I like this name but you might want to be careful with any Bibical names considering Delilah was definitely no angel!)

    My favorites are Dawson, Jackson nn Jack, James, Maxwell, and Truman, but that's just my opinion.
    In case you are absolutely unwilling to let Dylan go, here are some combos:

    Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Patrick
    Dylan Parker
    Dylan Michael
    Dylan Henry
    Dylan James
    Dylan Cade
    Dylan Simeon

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    Re: My twin babies

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    Re: My twin babies

    I want to thank to all of you for all that great names.

    I wasn't sure about Dylan but know I know I won't use it for my boy.

    I checked up the "Names All Your Friends Will Think Are Cool" List and I realy liked Cruz (don't you think Lila and Cruz) .

    It kind of sounds to me MANLY . :}

    Thank you , ladies. You truly helped me .

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    Re: My twin babies

    Yay! Cruz and Lila are a wonderful pair! Congratulations!

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    Re: My twin babies

    Lila and Cruz-- very cool. Good choices!

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    Re: My twin babies

    I love Lila And Cruz!

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    Re: My twin babies

    Lila and Cruz! Congratulations!

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